Block Naamcharchas galore, as part of Foundation Month celebrations of Dera Sacha Sauda

In spite of scorching heat, thousands reached the spots organizing Namcharchas across various states including Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi, UP, Himachal Pradesh. April, being the foundation month of Dera Sacha Sauda, this month is very pious and holds special importance in the life of a Dera Follower.

Followers pledge to strive unitedly towards humanitarian endeavours

Today, thousands of thousands of devotees reached the Namacharcha houses in every block, on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the 71st ‘holy month of’ Dera Sacha Sauda ‘and’ JAM-A-INS Guru ‘. The followers decided to continue humanitarian work with unity and combined efforts. In spite of the summer and wheat cutting season, the people from various districts reached in huge numbers to commemorate this auspicious occasion. Such was the turnout of devotees that the arrangements made in hundreds of acres of land, fell short in front of their enthusiasm.

Long queues of buses were seen on both sides, two-two kilometers from Namcharcha houses. Hymns were being sung in praise of the Master, and Sermons of Guru ji were played in the form of recordings from past Satsangs. Every speck was glorified by the name of God and God’s praise, bearing proof to Guruji’s magnificent sermons about God’s name. It is indeed a special ocassion, It is an exceptional passion towards humanity and God’s infinite love that droves these devotees out of their houses and travel hundreds of kilometres for an hour of God’s praise in the form of Naamcharcha. People would argue here, how come these people visit their places of worship when there is an absence of their fatherly figure. Why do you visit Dera now, ask some? But these devotees simply do not feel the absence of their guide. He is guiding them and keeping them on their path, as earlier and so they really do not feel any difference and the reason they are following their regular routines as before.

On this occasion, Dera devotees congratulated each other for the anniversary of this holy month. The responsible members of various blocks visited these namcharchas to motivate the followers to strive unitedly towards the betterment of society. Foundation month is also the time, when followers perform maximum welfare, in their respective blocks, which include donating books, groceries, making houses for the needy and every other act of kindness as per 134 welfare works initiated by Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Devotees also reiterated their desire to accelerate humanitarian good deeds and to stand united in the face of any adversity faced by the members of society.

Similarly, in Bathinda block too, pledges were taken to strive for the service of mankind, with more vigour and zeal. Bathinda Block has always been a pioneer in humanitarian welfare service and always will remain firm on Guru Ji Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji’s teachings. Everyone likewise is busy in doing good to strengthen mutual win and to fulfill Guruji’s dream of erasing every evil every pain from society.

Never Talk Bitter

Today it is a period of extreme Kaliyuga. Mind-Senses are prevailing. Man either does not hear the sermons of Saints-recluses or if hears at all then never puts them in practice. But those who listen and out them in practice gain all the happiness. These words were delivered by respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Respected Guru Ji further says that the mind has made man as a puppet in its hands. The mercury of human mind goes up and down simultaneously. When one’s mind and mind-oriented persons play tricks then all- mighty -ones also fall flat. The mind is a very dangerous power. Therefore Beparwah Ji says that one must never speak bitter/harsh with others. Those who speak bitter with others and speak harsh are not liked by the general public. Neither they get any happiness in spiritualism, nor they are popular among the Janta even. Therefore one should speak sweetly with others.

Your Highness says that some such haughty persons are also there who speak sweet like others and under the garb of sweet talk commit cheating and dishonesty. But still, people go to them rushing. On the other side, some persons though learned, restore to terse talk, therefore none likes to go to them. Therefore man should speak sweet and should be true in behavior because Master is also happy with those who speak sweet and people also like such persons in public behavior. Therefore bitter speaking should be shunned. Man cannot do so himself. For this Sumrin is an alternative. It is the mind due to which man speaks harsh and it does not let one see his deficiencies.

His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji says that if a man is caught in an argument or dispute with someone then if one of them bows and says please forget it as I was mistaken, though, in fact, it was not so,  then that man becomes credible in the eyes of others. But the haughtiness or ego in a person never allows this. The pride of a person never lets his bow. But who bows gains and others those who remain taut loose.

Wear humility on your sleeves

Those who wear humility/meekness on their sleeves gain everything and those who remain rigid under the spell of their minds loose all. Respected Guru Ji further says that people begin to think God even as a toy if the master is gracious enough to accept their mind –oriented thoughts then OK, otherwise they pronounce that there is nothing like God in this world. People these days have become so selfish that if the supply of riches-wealth, land-properties etc remains intact then OK otherwise they change colours instantly.

Even a chameleon does not change its colors as quickly as a person of present days does so. He considers himself so haughty, clever and smart that he can make fool of that Master even, who has built whole of the world, and is present in each and every grain of this world. Who resides in every one of us even without taking births-deaths?  Today man thinks to make a fool of the same Master thorough his arrogant brain. The end of such person is very miserable. Continuing further Yours Highness said that man must never tease the hearts of others. Please join the hearts of those who are separated from the Master and those who are uprooted ones, if possible If you make others distant from the Master through your actions, thoughts then that sin cannot be unburdened for many dynasties One girl informed us through a chit that her dynasty was connected with some dynasty of Gurus. But curse befell upon them. Due to this even after 6th or 7th dynasties those persons who are born in our homes start shaking in the beginning and then their brain becomes numb and all of them die through suicide because their body becomes so deteriorated that they start trembling violently and their limbs and feet become inactive, they turn mad and under the spell of madness they commit suicide. Similarly those who tear others away from their Peer-o- Murshid face the same result.    

Yours Holiness says that some people come to sat sang under helplessness, but slip away just when the detailed description begins, because his motive is that if I will hear then disturbance will start. To distract others has become their profession. They sit close to one who feels a little disturbed. If he feels OK then they condemn him Such persons cannot listen the description of Sat sang. They slip away during bhajan under this pretext or the other or leave afterwards. They cannot listen to Majlis because their destiny has drowned.

Their condition is deteriorated due to the influence of their mind and Kaal. Therefore one should think with one’s brain and must avoid the company of such persons. Yours Holiness told that the Master is ready to deliver abundance of happiness but so far you do not leave their company any good impression sticks. Even a good fellow who loves the Master, attends their company becomes fool in no time and behaves as a puppet in their hands. They brainwash them against their love for God and fill up their minds with anti-God thoughts. Such persons do not feel calm during the day or at night.

An atmosphere of discontentment always remains prevalent in their brains. They sink themselves and draw their dynasties along with them. Hence stop moving the company of such persons. Do not have friendship with them because it will result in your downfall as well. If you have to win friendship with others then select those God-Allah loving peoples who are extremely devoted. But now being dense Kaliyuga they never listen to the advice of Saints.

Some rarely lucky person settles this advice in his heart otherwise mostly people ignore these sermons and fill their boat with stones due to bad company of manmukh persons. So brother! Shun such company. His Holinesssays further that he was informed by children and sevadars that there are some persons who attend Sat sang but as soon as they find someone down in spiritualism, they adjust their friendship with him, sit close by, start taking meals with him and talk in intimate manner. They feel very glad to find him breaking.

But as soon as that man becomes normal again they break their newly developed love and go back. Neither they talk to him as usual nor eat with him complaining that he has again become OK. Some of them are generally habitual of drugs. They feel that it would be better if some prey is caught as well. They offer him some capsule or some pouch of hemlock and make him habitual of licking. Animals are normally fond of licking even men do so these days. Such persons neither fulfill their commitments nor let others do so. Hence be wary of such persons, speak sweet. You will gain the charms of both of the worlds by doing so.

Full faith is the Sign of a True Disciple

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that a true devotee must act upon the sermons of his Guru-Murshid firmly. That pupil who after initiation with Naam acts upon the words and is a firm believer as well and undertakes a bit Service-Sumrin; surely gets the blessing of the vision of the Master- Prabhu internally. Such pupil never feels a shortage of any type internally or externally. God surely fulfills every of his just demand. Therefore one should undertake selfless service for the sake of humanity and extend his pure love to each and every creature of this universe. One must never hurt the feelings of others.

They say keeping even one heart happy, is equal to the devotion of a thousand years. God gets tamed when his children have well looked after. This is, in fact, the best way to get closer to God by serving mankind. That is the reason, Shah Mastana Ji has been teaching selfless service to millions as a means to connect with Lord and the very reason this pious abode of Dera Sacha Sauda has been in existence since 1948 to teach true lessons of Humanity and spirituality.

Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji calls upon the devotees to extend their maximum cooperation towards the eradication of social evils like female foeticide, child marriage, Dowry system, etc and growing maximum numbers of trees on 15th August and nurturing them for the year long. Respected Guru Ji says that this act of theirs will give comfort to the future generations and the fresh environment will enhance the charm of meditation-Sumrin.

Haryana State alone has undertaken the vow of planting 40 lakhs of new trees and the responsibility of nurturing them for all year long. The total numbers of trees planted throughout India can be a matter of guess for anyone. Respected Guru Ji called for extending maximum help to the hapless- poor- deprived -ones by responsible members created due to the new demarcation of blocks of U.P.

Top 5 Proven Methods To a Successful Life

Everyone wants to be successful in life. Who does not like success? But even then, whenever we fail, its faults are framed on the forehead of fate. When successful, they take all the credit unknowingly themselves. If you often feel that success is not coming to your hands, then perhaps you need to change your efforts now. Make your failure a success ladder. If you have lost but you have kept yourself strong from inside, then you will not fall and if you have fallen, then you will rise very soon.

Forget about fate, focus on the right intentions.

Success-failure stays in life. We should lift our actions so much that we do not make a mistake. But if it happens and you fail, then instead of blaming fate, it is absolutely easy to find out, where was the mistake? As Baba Ram Rahim Ji points out, fate may be there 10% but 90% of the times, it is your handwork and strong will powers that decide your fate and you can change it every moment.

Some things or events in life may be accidental. But if you stay in this waiting position that you will get everything by accident, then you will continue to wait for all the lives, because the chance cannot be yours. Unless you keep on waiting for a coincidence, you will be busy. But when you use your abilities with a strong intention to move towards your destination then this thing does not matter what happened and what has not happened. Whatever happens to you, at least it will be in your control and whatever results will be received, it will be your initiation of actions. This will allow you to live a relaxed life. Get up and walk. If the goal and success is the goal, then you start with your planning and planning. Then the success is certain then only it is certain. We think about success every moment. Arjun’s eyes are the eye of the fish. Success is certain.

Never be disappointed with the failures:

There is no such thing as failure for a person devoted to the goal. If you fall 100 times in one day, it means that you got a hundred lessons. If you are devoted to your goal, then your mind will be organized in the same way. When your mind is well organized then your emotions will remain according to the same, because as you think, you will have the same emotions. Once your thoughts and feelings will be sure, your energy will be the same, and then your body will also come in a rhythm. When it grows in four directions, your ability to achieve the goal will be great. You will be the creator of your fate.

The difficulty that is going to be successful is part of his life,

And the one who has succeeded is the story of his life.

Think that you will only eat sweet and sweet, how long will you be able to digest. Not only salty, some sour-sweet, but also bitter taste strengthens the digestive juices of our success.

Always work with clear thinking:

Being more clear than self-confidence If you want to cross any crowd and reach somewhere, your vision is in the right place and you are able to see where the crowd is standing, then you will reach your destination by making your way very easily without any collision. But your eyesight is not in the right place and there is only faith, then you will continue to bump into everyone. People feel that their confidence alone will fulfill the lack of clarity in them. But this is not so.

To achieve success, it is necessary to have clarity in mind along with self-confidence in our goal. If you are clear, your power and time will not be lost in your thinking, then weighing up. If there is a precise plan in mind, hands will automatically move to work without speed. Then the work will not work, a Puja will become a game which you will feel yourself. Then the success is certain then only it is certain.

Follow every person and the things that you dislike.

In life, we have to play different roles. But most people’s personality is like a stone, which always dominates them. If you want to avoid such a situation, make such a person a partner, whom you have disliked so far. Spend time with that person; add the habit of doing things that you still dislike. Baba Ram Rahim Jiadvises to do two things in a day that you dislike. Gradually all your work will be done only in your mind.

Leave me accounting for what I will get

If you pay attention to the goals of your life except by worrying about what will happen or what will happen to me, you will become an extraordinary person. Just remove the worry of ‘what will happen’ with your mind. And focus your attention on doing your best work. You will become extraordinary yourself because then your objective will be to improve the world around you. Instead of calculating like us, play life like a player. Winning defeat will not only play and play that game will give you success.

You see that children play cricket in the sunshine, drink cold water in the middle. Do you have different teeth, but come home from the goblin ground. The same thing when he plays for money, the mouth will flicker. Because now that game is not for emotion, but playing for money. If you have success, then you have a passion to go and achieve more and this is what keeps driving a person. But do make sure, to not go overboard warns Rev. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.

The Love of Satguru is Indescribable

That soul which is lost in the divine love-affection of Master begins to see the glowing shape of the Master, Khands- Brahmands, Sach khand, Satlok, Anami and all in his Satguru-Master. Such soul says to his Master as,” Oh Master, Your benevolences cannot be repaid. We, if get thousands –lakhs of births and our pore-pore may be turned into tongue then even your virtues cannot be sung. Says respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says further that the love of a mother is the greatest in the world. She keeps a child in her womb for 9 months, teaches eating, drinking and walking, etc all. But the worry of mother reduces a bit when the child picks up running, But Peer-O-Murshid –e- Kamil, Giver-Guide, keeps care of the soul of the pupil- disciple forever, lest he should fall anytime. Though he may be a child, an aged person or a middle-aged one.

The benevolence of Guru is beyond words because it is exactly he who has enjoined human being with the Master, Allah and freed him from transmigration. On the other hand, a mother can never even think about doing so. She cannot stand by the child in this very world even. Hence no comparison is possible between Satguru –Master with anyone.

His Holiness says further that just as a sea cannot be contained in a pitcher, and the atmosphere cannot be confined in a fist similarly oh my giver! Your love –affection cannot be described. You are getting everything done and get everything forgone. When your mercy-kindness showers then you write it with your own pen of love-grace, otherwise this poor fellow has no virtue to earn it and sing the benevolences granted by you. These words are not produced by this brain but instead of it are granted by you. You are my owner, husband, friend Allah-Ta’la. Whichever thoughts are granted by you become my voice and come out of my mouth. Therefore Oh Giver!  Please go on continuing like this. Go on showering your kindness –graces as it is. You were getting it done, had been getting it done and will be getting it done. Oh, Master, this life is meant for you, only you have to take work out of it because these were your words, ”We were, we are and we shall prevail” When the soul yearns with pangs and prays then the kind Master surely listens and makes it full of his mercies profusely.

Today’s Men beyond Comprehension

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that this world has the prejudiced brain. I am speaking so it is possible that people may draw the wrong conclusion because generally, it happens so. I see now but previously it was not noticed. Shah Mastana Ji used to say that the mind is a pleader and issues a lot of arguments. Sometimes mind deceives and sometimes it does not let one listen to the subject of Allah, Waheguru or Ram.

It is correct also because now money plays a part and not the education. Whosoever receives money; begins to weave the web of fraud, lie and falsehood and thinks that some bird will be entangled in it. But those who are under the supervision of the Master, Allah or Ram make these webs ineffective and rather gain the benefits of kindness and grace of the Master profusely. People shed crocodile tears to prove a truth as a lie. Man can be so thankless and disloyal by forgetting so many benevolences; is beyond description and imagination.

Respected Guru Ji further says,”Oh my Giver! Your virtues are being sung and you are making them to be sung. May you be victorious in both the worlds? It must surely happen because these are your blessings. This cannot be stopped even by mind, Kaal-Mahakaal. Those who will walk step by step with you will go with plunder everything and those whose steps have slipped will go in the hells because if the defaulter of spiritualism if not becomes steady then gets even worst place than hells here and there.

If anyone improves, steadies, understands, gets up after falling then Satguru overlooks his mud spoiled dress and hugs him with his chest. If one repents for his sins-faults with sincere heart and shuns shyness then God pardons him. If one resorts to acting then he will have to be satisfied with acting only.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that these days mostly hero-heroines are visible all around. You may see them on T.V. or cinema only but I am seeing them in real life as well. They gossip and lie that it beyond anyone’s comprehension. Everything is seen with the help of X-Ray, C.T. scan or M.R.I. but those who are gifted by Allah, Sat guru or Parmatma, have more sharp eyes than M.R.I. even. When some human being comes in front and sits then the whole map of him comes alive to them that what he has done during his life time and what acting is he showing now?

What-what he does in his house, in solitude and what he does in front of all? But since God wants secrecy for all, hence mendicants never breach the secrecy of any one, otherwise everybody will be bared. Such-such gentlemen, senior citizens who support white hairs do such heinous crimes that soul trembles to believe them. Apparently they seem devotees but in fact they are so shameless that do not feel shy of their acts at all.

They therefore never repent even for their mistakes. A special place has been reserved for such persons in the abode of God. They will be treated; as per words of respected Mastana Ji; that their skin will be de-skinned by reversing the same. The same treatment will be awarded here and there. Then repentance will be of no consequences because breaths will have exhausted by then and none can say which disease may catch hold of you then. Therefore so far health permits do repentance because there is no harm in repentance. Repentance has to be offered to that Allah, Waheguru or Ram who can pardon your crimes. If by agreeing to sermons one acts upon them then salvation is possible otherwise the brigade is ready which will have to be faced by you.

One can Become Care-Free by Reciting God’s Words

Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that one should live care freely but carefully during these days of Kaliyuga. Live blissfully in the memory of the Master, what is the fun of living with worries and tensions? If worry grants something then engage the whole of the family for worrying so that quick progress is ensured. Worry is not the solution to any problem. Worry is a burning pyre for living human beings. Therefore forget worrying and start working hard. Enjoy whatever is in your possession and work hard for that which is not in your possession. Use the art you possess for the betterment of your life through good deeds. Never get disheartened. Disheartening is like a broken ladder for failure. Therefore do not worry.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that no one is satisfied. Only those are satisfied who maintain their love for the Master, because he has nothing to worry, then. The biggest rich men of the world are graded according to their wealthy status. They are worried that lest some other one may not be upgraded comparatively and push me to the second spot. Numerous reasons are there for worrying. These do not let the man remain contented, may he be big or small. Becoming the king of ’Begampur’ i.e. where there is no ‘gam’ [worry]; is possible; if any; through Naam of Allah Waheguru or Ram only. There is no diet available in this world which is worthy of acting as a panacea of all worries There is only one such diet which is called Naam- Shabad, Kalama, Gurumantra.

 It is through that Naam that you can have access unto the Master. You can become carefree by recitation of that very Naam. That fellow who is free from worldly worries during this period of Kaliyuga is the real frolicsome and contented. He may be managing the earning just sufficient for two times only yet no one can equate with him. Your Highness says that if your conscience is clear then surely your self-confidence will boost your happiness. If your thoughts are dirty then happiness will elude you even by numerous ostentations of showy meditation. If you keep the true love of the Master, Allah, Waheguru, Ram reserved in your heart; then you will be supplied with the doze of divine happiness nonstop irrespective of wherever you wonder. If you dress like devotees but act like savages by indulging in evil deeds, then your dressing is of no consequences but only your deeds will be evaluated. Man is recognized by his acts and not by his dress.

If someone dresses like Brahmin but does evil deeds like dishonesty, fraud, corruption then he is the meanest fellow. This has also been recorded in religious scriptures that if some ‘Shudra’ who is looked down upon in society as a low born person if studies Vedas-Shastras from the very beginning and gains knowledge up to ‘Brahm’ then he can be declared as ,’Brahm-Gayani’ He though being low born but is far better than Brahmins. Man is recognized on the basis of his deeds. None asks further in Dargah about the cast to which one belongs. Only the deeds done will be accounted for there. Therefore watch your deeds. Your thoughts must not be mean though you dress may be torn. Your thoughts about noble deeds must be of high caliber although the public may call you ‘Shudra’ Recitation of Ram Naam is the best deed out of all deeds.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that man bothers for the cleanliness of his body so dearly. He rubs his body with soap so thoroughly and keeps a lot of attention for it. Have you ever rubbed soap of Ram Naam for the cleansing of your soul? If the soul becomes pure then your mind will become submissive and rest everything will be fine. If a man sheds tears for the world they are worthless. If even a single tear falls for the sake of Master; it will be turned into diamond-pearls by the Almighty. The Lord evaluates the tears shed in his memory so much so that he makes one pure internally and externally. Therefore do not shed your tears for worldly things. This wealth [Maya] is transitory. Those who ruled the roost in the past have no issue at present. Those who passed their days in poverty are sitting on the top these days. This wealth is a moving shadow. Today it is with you; tomorrow it will be under the possession of someone else. What I mean to say is that earn money through hard work and honest labor. The purpose of such earning is that it will be shared with the welfare of poor and hapless ones. The parents of persons with this motive deserve accolades.

 His Holiness says that the life Sat Brahmachari is considered as good because they have one mission only for pleasing the Master and the offspring of the Master. Such type of life is not available to all in this world. It is availed by those only who have thoughts of this type. Such thinking can be availed by the householders as well but they are wrapped with various problems. Recluse has one target only; to love the Lord and to serve its offspring. This life belongs to some very lucky fellows. Otherwise, it is very tough to be recluse. It is not a petty issue. This is due to the grace of that Satguru on account of his good deeds which culminated in gaining this rank which is saluted even by god-goddesses. Such type of life is not found anywhere in Triloki.

Bhisham Pitamah had vowed not to marry throughout his lifetime and would not create children. That is the reason why; he was called as Bhisham but he had not left his family life. Those who shun their families are far more advanced than him. They have only one mission in their lives to get access to Allah, Waheguru, or Ram due to which they enjoy profound bliss in both of the worlds. When a recluse reaches Nij –Dham then the Lord gets up from his thorn and picks him up in his lap. Similarly, a householder if recites the Naam of the Master while fulfilling his responsibilities simultaneously can get the graces of God too. This is possible only for those who recite Naam may they be householder or recluse.

Your mind will come under control when you will sit for sumrin. You will have to do the practice of sumrin so far as you are surviving upon this earth. So far you are living upon this earth hold sumrin and service tightly. A householder can also do selfless service. His Holiness says that man does every other job but sumrin seems him to be hard. Man draws a time schedule for every other job but not for Sumrin. When rest all others works flash up in your mind automatically then the job of recitation must also ring in. If you begin to do sumrin; you will start to enjoy the divine views then you will repent that why so much time was wasted in the past.

Therefore sumrin must be undertaken. The Naam of the Lord is so powerful that all your ailments can be over. All your pending works may be completed. Nothing remains impossible by undertaking sumrin. Everything becomes possible. If anyone is desirous to have access to the Master then please adopt sumrin and do public service. One has to kill one’s ego for this. One has to get rid of his dirty thoughts. Maintain dignity for good deeds. If you do not possess dignity then you are not human being even. If you have true shame/dignity then all of your negative defects will ooze out. If you act upon the words of saints, Peer-Faquirs then Sach Khand, Nij Dham will move around you because where there is Parmatman there is Nij Dham.

As much the sumrin of Ram Naam will proceed that much effect it will cast inside the eyes. Just in case of acupressure the practitioner presses one with his feet but its effect is felt over the brain. In the same way, as much sumrin will be done by the tongue that much effect will be felt over the brain, heart, and eyes. You will begin to feel your body light like flowers. When a man becomes totally free from all worries and all thoughts come under his control, then none can be more comfortable than him. The bliss if desired more than this is however inherited in gaining the Supreme soul. Therefore go on reciting the Naam of Master continuously while walking-moving, doing business-routine jobs. Avoid that person who tells lies. Do not indulge in argumentation. Honour this human body, do sumrin of Ram Naam; you will become worthy of the happiness of both the worlds in this world of death and can be enriched with the kindness-grace of the Lord abundantly.

Recitation of Ram Naam is the Best Deal

Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, while elaborating on the bhajan ”Naam de bagair swas jana nahin chahida; Janam manukh da gawana nahin chahida” says that how it is possible that man may recite the Naam of the Master in each breath? Such a fearful time of Kalyuga is going on, that one can spare a lot of time for worthless gossip, but when the question of recitation of Naam of the Master arises, and one may sit for sumrin then the mind catches super speed. Mind distracts attention away from sumrin and pulls it steadily towards other subjects. The duty of mind is leg pulling and it never likes that one may do sumrin for the Naam of Allah Waheguru or Ram. This does not mean that one should not sit for sumrin.

Many persons complain that sumrin does not happen while sitting for it. Go on reciting Naam, may it proceed or may not. Naam must go on within your thoughts and tongue ultimately your body will become able to begin ‘Dhun’ internally. Honouable Guru Ji says further that whenever you eat something to strengthen your body, and ask that why it has not granted you the requisite strength the next moment?  Your duty is to continue the same, while the strength will be gained naturally in due course. If you stop eating itself then no strength will come. It’s the same principle here. The strength inherited in Naam will automatically rein the naughty mind in. How it can be used for reining the mind if you do not possess it in your hand? It is like a stick. Just as 2-4 mighty farmers force a camel to fall down upon the ground, press its neck and rein its nose with a stick. Similarly Ram Naam is also empowered to rein the camel shaped mind of you with stick.

You will be able to rein your mind in if you undertake sumrin; otherwise it goes on running helter shelter. Then how sumrin can be practiced by each breathe? Those who act upon the discourses of their Sat guru, get the tune of his memory ringing nonstop in their minds, his love always remains thatched in their heart-mind. Thus each breathe of devotee enjoins with the memory of the master. This is what is termed as sumrin of moment by moment provided that your determination is firm and confidence is unwavering. You may be going anywhere, are busy in the daily routine then continue sumrin through your thoughts you will reach upon your destination and recitation will also be done simultaneously, enabling you to earn divine happiness as well. Just as when you are taking meal, even then some through or other goes on running in your mind.

For instance, when some businessman while taking meal has his attention riveted to his business, similarly it happens with you that your attention remains attached somewhere else while taking meal, but it does not concentrate in the memory of Allah, Waheguru Ram even if you sit for sumrin particularly. It is nothing bad to recite the Naam of the Master but attention is not concentrated. This is what is called Kaliyuga. If mind becomes settled for sumrin for Supreme Soul then what is the worth of mind and what is the worth of Kalyuga? It does not mean that people do not worship. There are a lot of them who maintain their sumrin for him. Just as when in ancient days mothers-sisters used to balance 3-3 pitchers over their heads while walking and talking without dislocation because their inner attention used to be there in their pitchers.

 Continuing further His Highness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that man keeps thinking about cash while doing business, as how to multiply it? Some keep diary in their pockets and note down any idea flashing in their mind immediately while walking-going anywhere. How intelligently you people behave for money and materialism! But have no time for the memory of Allah Waheguru, Ram. Some very rare person might have maintained a diary to record any idea about the Master if flashed in his mind sometimes. It will prove to be very significant.   

Stressing for sumrin respected Guru Ji says that this is dense Kaliyuga; one hand is eating the other. Brother is the enemy of his own brother. Relationships-kinships are disintegrating. This degradation of links of relationship –brotherhood proves that Kaal is in full youth. When men-woman come out of their residences they carry thoughts of ego, anger, lust, greed, attachment in their kitty. Wherever anything particular comes in our view we warm up our licentious thoughts from them, and degrade ourselves. 

Absent from our kitty it is love-affection of Allah, Waheguru or Ram. But mostly people come out just with the love of the Master. They step out from their houses after praying that,” Oh Lord! I may perform good deeds today; may meet nice persons. The seed of anything is not destroyed, but selfishness has turned everybody into mad zombies. When some interest is involved then man behaves very sweetly. But afterwards none bothers for courtesy. This saying is fit by 100% these days that man calls donkey as father for meeting his selfishness.

Your Highness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that thus present period is very distressing, but since you possess Naam of the Master, therefore this time is far more valuable to you. In ancient days the bliss the happiness our recluses-mendicants were able to gain after years of penance; you people can get those within some months by dint of sumrin because during the present dense Kalyuga, the power of Allah Waheguru or Ram has also multiplied manifold simultaneously. This way this dense Kalyuga is very beneficial for the devotees, because the Master can be met earlier, though through sumrin only. This mind does not allow one to sit for sumrin, while it is the most important. Your evil habits cannot be changed by talking only.

Citing a couplet of Kabir Sahib, His Holiness says,” Chor, juari kaya badlenge, ye maya ke mazdoor, Mana re teri aadat ko badlega koi Hari jan soor.”  Means that thieves and gamblers can’t shun their habits because they are worshippers of wealth, Oh my mind, you habit can be changed by some Godly brave person. Yours Highness said that these days everyone is bound with his selfishness. Without self interest none likes even to talk with others. Connect your selfishness with the Master. Selfishness is nothing bad, but to ignore the Master against your selfishness is very bad, because whole of the world is wandering for fulfilling self interest only. People may possess a lot of wealth yet their insatiable desire never ends.

All the Religions profess love

Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says all the religions profess love among each other. These religions have been formed by our established Gurus, Saints and great persons. Those who do bad deeds do not belong to any religion but are the representatives of such persons who want to achieve their nefarious motives through them. Such persons are held accountable for their misdeeds and bear their consequences and those who stand by them also share these consequences.

While describing about the great martyr Lilly Kumar His Highness says that Lilly Insan was a Sat Brahmchari Sevadar previously when his elder brother died , then his father and a senior citizen called upon us to return back Lilly Kumar Insan. He went back. Praising the good deeds of Lilly Kumar, His Holiness says ;”Lilly Kumar Insan was famous in the whole area and was no.1 in the matter of selfless services. He used to serve day and night. His daughter studies here in 10th class of Shah Satnam Ji Girls School. When I met with his family then she was not weeping at all. She said, “ Pita Ji make me like my father and give me a chance to do something or service to help of sadh sangat ” All the three children of him were so daring and his father so daring that they compelled the sadh sangat to become emotional.

When the bier of Lilly Kumar was being brought to the graveyard and laid down upon the ground, his father was unable to walk. He requested to help him in standing. He threw away his stick and sang in full throat by keeping his hand over his ear that “Jan-ni jane to bhagat jan kai data kai shoor, nahin to rahe banjh hi kahe gawa noor” Then he applauded his son,” Bravo son! My babbar lion you have done that job for which people yearn for, that my issue may do so. All the sadh sangat turned to be ascetic upon seeing this view that are there such Gurmukh parents? It is heard that Gurmukhta is there. But of what type Gurmukhta is, up to what extent Gurmukhta reaches is the subject beyond description or listening. He addressed sadh sangat and said the sacrifice of single son rewarded me with unification with Satguru. What else a man can desire? I desire nothing else except my Satguru, my Master.

Blessed is such a mother, such parents who bear such an offspring. Such kids make them proud in both the worlds, not only the family alone but of all of the sadh sangat as well. There should be at least one such a lover of the God and confirmed that the love of the Master contains such an intoxication, bliss, frolicsomeness that takes some time in drinking but once drank this never comes down in both of the worlds and that person who gains it becomes worthy of happiness of both the worlds .he remains full with the kind grace of the master to the brim. the facilities of the world rotate around him and after becoming the blue boy of the Master, floates across this Bhavsager of this world. Respected Guru Ji says that there is no place of one’s ego in the love of the Master. One has to shun ego pride and haughtiness altogether and has to surrender oneself completely to the Master. When that Master adopts him then he turns him to be priceless. The effect of the love of the Master is so tremendous that even the dead bodies may tear out of their graves and the mountains may become mole. If he wanted he could make a speck to be very bright and crush Sun and moon under his feet. That Allah, Master, Waheguru, Ram is the owner of both the worlds and nothing is impossible for him. But he does not meet a person so far deficiencies linger in a person.

His Holiness says that one should never get defeated by his mind. The fight must be continued, non –stop. The mean thoughts inside you must be pushed out. Reign your tongue which speaks bad does defamation, condemnation and backbiting, because as much freedom will be enjoyed by it that much slavery will have to be suffered by you from your mind and will be distanced away from your Master. If you are interested in gaining the kindness-grace of the Master, then not only bridle your tongue but also reign your mind as well. Discard those thought out which you can not speak out freely. Shun those thoughts which make you scared.Yours Gracious says that see by becoming the same both from inside and outside because when man becomes one and the same from inside and outside then he starts getting the uniform taste from each and every grain of this world. Instead of those talks which you undertake while sitting under lock or in alone; adopt those subjects which be spoken publicly. If those subjects could not be discussed openly then surely those are wrong. Shun them.

His highness further says that man is very clever and sharp. He does not admit his mistake so far as he is not caught red handed. Those persons whose mistakes are caught are lucky, because mendicants –recluses stop him from doing so. Do not do such acts as these are not beneficial for you. It is better to leave them and make your fortune. But if man still goes on chewing the rope like that of an animal, then what saints can do? The duty of saints is to guide the public towards becoming worthy of unification with the Master and gain such happiness which are abundantly filled inside him. So many of such persons have drank the peg of frolicsomeness.

There are other than Meera, Dhanna as well. Meera used to dance for her Master. She continued dancing throughout night by tying bells in her feet in such frolicsomeness again and again. Her grandfather or great grandfather wanted her to become a sincere devotee, true devotee. As and when she grew up she nursed a desire to have the glimpse of the Master. She desired that her Satguru/ Master may dance with her and went on yearning. Ultimately the Lord was pleased and danced with her as she wished. His Highness says that the Master, Parwar-digar disperses happiness abundantly. Meera looked forward for that time when she may dance. When the right moment arrived she started dancing without caring for any one. Many members of household prevented her from doing so. But since all feared from her grand father so none objected against her dancing openly. Then she was married and that also in the family of Rana Sanga, where she was the bride of his grandson.

Rattan Singh was her husband or probably brother of husband. During first meeting he noticed that she is coloured in the colour of the Master and weeping as a destitute in his memory. When he asked the reason of her weeping She told that she was ever-married, and her Master, Ram my Allah remains ever- present with her and thus told the whole matter. He replied, “Then it is alright, I myself will tie bells in your feet, you dance and forget about me, don’t worry as who am I in front of that Lord? Then she danced a lot and sang the songs of separation as well and then love for her husband was also born in her heart. She said that since he helped her in the meditation of the Master so much, May God grant graces to him as well. He was ill severely. Gained health, lived for long and ultimately died. Meera was maltreated by her relatives later on, that she was being defamed a lot because her husband had provided her with a temple in the palace. Therefore she used to dance a lot whenever she got time. Those servants-minions who were devotees themselves respected her a lot while others talked nonsense. They satired upon her activities in negative sense. You people know well that how mean this world is?

The Rajput family felt let down and started exploring means to stop all these nuisances. They gave her deadly poison in pretext of holy water to drink. Meera drank that up and went in swoon for a while, but survived later by turning that poison into nectar due to the abundant grace of her Master. She danced with triple gaiety to thank her Master. Then she was offered a cobra snake in a basket on the pretext of a necklace worth 9.0 lakhs of rupees. When she opened that basket, the cobra was actually turned into the ornament due to the rare grace of the Master; which she wore in her neck gladly. Even then she was made to leave the palace. She noticed that people did not like her anymore. Then she walked from Mewad to Mathura on foot with some of her female friends. It is said that she died on the way itself. Meera suffered foot sore in her feet. In other words Meera craved so much in the love of the Lord but she did not surrender in front of her mind. Hence you should also fight against your mind. Never let the depressed thoughts enter in your brain. If man fights with his mind relentlessly, does Sewa- Sumrin constantly then he is sure to become worthy of the kind-grace of the Lord one day.

Humility and Meekness must for Advancement in Spirituality

Elaborating upon the Sat Sang bhajan namely” Nar tan paake yatan nahin kita, yatan nahin kita kiyon vishyan ch jind rodh layi?” respected Guru Ji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that if a human being does not do works worthy of a human being even after gaining human body then animals are better than him, because at least they do the works fit for animals in animal form. The Master has designed human being in such a manner that he can see the vision of the Master even during his stay in this world and obtain his kindness and grace.

Revered Guru Ji further says that man of today is seen ever busy in bad deeds, spinning in the whirlwind of mind and sad, frustrated and distressed. Constant worries go on taking their toll and face remains full of wrinkles of being upset. When laughs it seems that he has bought the laughter from somewhere because so far happiness does not ooze out from within, it never reveals upon the face. If you are really happy then your face will automatically show it up radiantly. Happiness is a rare gift in this period of Kalyuga because if something is in short supply sometimes then its availability seems to be a rare gift. Peace, calm ness and tranquility are meager these days. Spiritual peace and Supreme bliss are in short supply.

Men of today have become very imprudent. They do listen to the talks of Allah, Waheguru or Ram but are zero in case of practice. They are restless because they do not act upon the sermons, because whatever advice is extended by saints-sages to public contains concealed welfare for general public. Those who agree and act over it gain benefit while those who deny it have to lift the loads of their deeds nonstop.  

His Gracious Baba Ram Rahim Ji says further that to recite the Naam of Master is a very tough job. To condemn others and to pick up backbite is a very interesting job for human beings. When busy in backbiting one does not remember the quantum of time passed in this act, but if one has to sit for the sumrin of Allah, Waheguru or Ram then even a period of half an hour seems heavy. Man does not heed the advice of saints-mendicants but suffers loss by indulging in negative talks of ‘Manmukh’ persons and gets his meditation unduly tarnished. Those who do not use their brains and takes up decisions on the basis of others never succeeds.

If one has to take decisions then he should consult good and noble persons for advice. Do not take wrong steps on the advice of notorious persons, because bad company always drowns. The persons of these days locate the deficiencies of others, count their shortcomings. Do such persons never have shortcomings in themselves? Deficiencies are there but it is comparatively easier to point out towards others. Therefore search within you. Check yourself before testing others. Have you never committed sins-evils? If you have done so through your eyes, through your thoughts or through your deeds then why do you single out others? Hence mend yourself unburden yourself of your deficiencies. It is very important.