Body Donation By DSS Followers

Body Donation

Followers of Baba Ram Rahim on their toes carry on the tradition of Dera.

Yes, you heard it right; Followers of Baba Ram Rahim are very busy these days. And you will be surprised to know about this one aspect of this unwavering Saint. January is a very hectic month for these followers who are neck deep into serving the society through their deeds. Some are busy donating blankets in their neighbourhoods, some take into grocery distribution while some will just go and take care of study related needs. It is as though they are the care taker of their own neighbourhoods. I have seen the neighbourhoods buzzing in the months of January, august etc. Why these months, well these are the months which are the birth months of the masters of Dera Sacha Sauda and this is celebration time for these relentless followers. What a strange way of celebration? That is how; they have been celebrating for decades under the guidance of their Guru Baba Ram Rahim.

Although they are on their toes for most days of the year, birth months particularly pull them towards welfare works. Another area in which these followers have made a mark is post humous Organ and body donation. Body and organ donation was initiated by Baba Ram Rahim a couple of year’s back, to cater to scarcity of organs due to which thousands of lives were leaving their abode. Understanding the need of the hour, he motivated followers to come forward and donate their organs and bodies, posthumously and they can earn blessings while saving lives, once they are gone. Followers immediately accepted the initiative and thousands of them, filled body donation forms to pledge their bodies for humanity.

Some time back, a 17 month old baby’s body was donated by the followers, as we can see from this screenshot. And it is a regular feature within Dera Sacha Sauda, followers young, or old, to donate their bodies, for noble purposes and this gesture is definitely breaking all myths and misconceptions about body donation. These followers do not hesitate even for a moment to donate their bodies and only if more such citizens came forward, no one would ever die in need of organs and medical research too would take a new dimension.

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