Building Collapse Gurugram

Building Collapse Gurugram

Innocents live at stake: Another Four storeyed building collapse in Gurugram, Relentless baba Ram Rahim’s followers join relief and rescue.

We are rarely taking lessons from accidents happening every now and then, in under construction buildings. The result of this negligence is that another four-story building collapsed in the village of Ullawas in the district. Probably 4th or 5th such incident in the past 3 months. Earlier, there was a building collapse in Noida last month. The time when the building (Four Storey building Gurugram) collapsed, people were fast asleep in their rooms. A mammoth sound was produced, and the people of the village rushed towards it.

Shah Satnam Ji of Green S Welfare Force Wing of Dera Sacha Sauda reached the rescue spot and got into action along with team of the NDRF which and was active in rescue work till late evening. Officially 6 people were reported to be killed by evening. Though it was apprehension that nearly a dozen people are buried underneath the debris.

I have seen Baba Ram Rahim’s followers dressed in khaki, working with NDRF on various sites, after such incidents. In most cases, these volunteers are amongst the first, to reach the spots and quietly get into the job of rescue, without waiting for any photographer, or politician, to come and applaud their efforts. It is ironic that we hardly recognise these kind faces and helping hands. Apart from this voluntary organisation, no other NGO or pvt. agency is spotted helping in rescue missions. Kudos to these relentless workers, who work on the sole fuel of grit and determination to help the society. In fact they spend money from their own pockets to reach the place and even their invaluable time. What can we really say, about their lovely spirit, a spirit, that they have probably inherited from Baba Ram Rahim himself. That is what these incidents suggest. Hope to see more such forces joining hands with the Govt. as these incidents are not coming down, anytime soon, considering the amount of adulteration in the raw material used in construction of these buildings.

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