Cars Designed By Baba Ram Rahim

Car Designs

A whole new league of Cars designed by Baba Ram Rahim

When somebody thinks of Cars you imagine some lavish, glittering mean machines. Ones that are a perfect combination of looks, power, and control at the same time. And these cars, are not friends of the poor for sure. They cost a fortune to be owned. What if we tell you, you can own a high end car at the fraction of the original cost, and that too without casting a hole on the Planet.

These cars cannot be called green, but they are definitely light on the planet as they are designed from scrap. Yes you heard it right, Baba Ram Rahim has been known to make super funky Cars, but very few know, everything used in the Car is taken from Scrap. Cars damaged in accidents, or road mishaps, are being used by this master creator, for his creations. Let us have a look at some of his Cars first.

This huge motocycle, is designed and used in Films.

Bike design

The Bugati lookalike wins over hearts, this has been designed from a damaged Honda Accord.

car design

This one here is an Agro jetter, specifically designed to aid in agriculture, like sprinkling seeds etc.

Motorcycle Design
Car Designs

Now as you can see these cars get a whole new Avatar, and nobody can really guess the story behind these cars, how they were once scrambled pieces of scrap.  All it takes is a team of mechanics and a drawing pad for Baba Ram Rahim, to come up with specialized cars, that are designed by spending millions of dollars by people abroad.

yellow car

Next time, you think of modified cars, think of a desi option, but yes these cars are not for sale, but you never know what is stored in future, so let us just hope to grab one of these cars designed by the Guru of all talents, Baba Ram Rahim.

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