Body Donation By DSS Followers

Followers of Baba Ram Rahim on their toes carry on the tradition of Dera.

Yes, you heard it right; Followers of Baba Ram Rahim are very busy these days. And you will be surprised to know about this one aspect of this unwavering Saint. January is a very hectic month for these followers who are neck deep into serving the society through their deeds. Some are busy donating blankets in their neighbourhoods, some take into grocery distribution while some will just go and take care of study related needs. It is as though they are the care taker of their own neighbourhoods. I have seen the neighbourhoods buzzing in the months of January, august etc. Why these months, well these are the months which are the birth months of the masters of Dera Sacha Sauda and this is celebration time for these relentless followers. What a strange way of celebration? That is how; they have been celebrating for decades under the guidance of their Guru Baba Ram Rahim.

Although they are on their toes for most days of the year, birth months particularly pull them towards welfare works. Another area in which these followers have made a mark is post humous Organ and body donation. Body and organ donation was initiated by Baba Ram Rahim a couple of year’s back, to cater to scarcity of organs due to which thousands of lives were leaving their abode. Understanding the need of the hour, he motivated followers to come forward and donate their organs and bodies, posthumously and they can earn blessings while saving lives, once they are gone. Followers immediately accepted the initiative and thousands of them, filled body donation forms to pledge their bodies for humanity.

Some time back, a 17 month old baby’s body was donated by the followers, as we can see from this screenshot. And it is a regular feature within Dera Sacha Sauda, followers young, or old, to donate their bodies, for noble purposes and this gesture is definitely breaking all myths and misconceptions about body donation. These followers do not hesitate even for a moment to donate their bodies and only if more such citizens came forward, no one would ever die in need of organs and medical research too would take a new dimension.

Cars Designed By Baba Ram Rahim

A whole new league of Cars designed by Baba Ram Rahim

When somebody thinks of Cars you imagine some lavish, glittering mean machines. Ones that are a perfect combination of looks, power, and control at the same time. And these cars, are not friends of the poor for sure. They cost a fortune to be owned. What if we tell you, you can own a high end car at the fraction of the original cost, and that too without casting a hole on the Planet.

These cars cannot be called green, but they are definitely light on the planet as they are designed from scrap. Yes you heard it right, Baba Ram Rahim has been known to make super funky Cars, but very few know, everything used in the Car is taken from Scrap. Cars damaged in accidents, or road mishaps, are being used by this master creator, for his creations. Let us have a look at some of his Cars first.

This huge motocycle, is designed and used in Films.

Bike design

The Bugati lookalike wins over hearts, this has been designed from a damaged Honda Accord.

car design

This one here is an Agro jetter, specifically designed to aid in agriculture, like sprinkling seeds etc.

Motorcycle Design
Car Designs

Now as you can see these cars get a whole new Avatar, and nobody can really guess the story behind these cars, how they were once scrambled pieces of scrap.  All it takes is a team of mechanics and a drawing pad for Baba Ram Rahim, to come up with specialized cars, that are designed by spending millions of dollars by people abroad.

yellow car

Next time, you think of modified cars, think of a desi option, but yes these cars are not for sale, but you never know what is stored in future, so let us just hope to grab one of these cars designed by the Guru of all talents, Baba Ram Rahim.

Ram Rahim’s followers are making roads are safe for Strays

Followers of Baba Ram Rahim are working for various segments of Society to ensure life is fair to one and all. One unique initiative started by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji is ensuring safety of strays on roads and they have come up with a very simple solution for the same. Since major cause of accidents are strays hogging the roads and they are not visible in the night. Followers tie reflector belts around strays on their necks or on their horns, to make sure they are visible at night. Thus reducing the number of accidents and helping to save lives of these mute children of God.

Today these followers took to twitter with their stray rescuing mission and the hash tag #RoadSafetyInitiativeByStRamRahim was trending too. It was a sweet surprise to see this wonderful gesture that Baba Ram Rahim has initiated. Till now, close to I am really surprised at an array of welfare work that this Saint has initiated. A list of 133 welfare activities that these guys are following is simply amazing.

You will find, all sort of welfare on this list, be it environmental care, women empowerment, Acid attack victims, mentally and physically challenged, financially challenged, animal and bird welfare. As simple activity as arranging food for birds, or pledges against social evils including Dowry, eve teasing, corruption, Baba Ram Rahim has nailed them all. Only if we could join his crusaders and make the Planet a Planet inhabited by real humans with a heart.

Some of the tweets from today morning

Rescue belts are being mounted on these animals by the dera followers to rescue the accidents from the stray animals so that they can easily appear in the night. Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers across India have taken the initiative to prevent the road accidents by tying the radium tapes as reflectors around the horns & necks of stray animals. #RoadSafetyInitiativeByStRamRahim

Saint Dr MSG has come up with the initiative to tie reflector belts on the stray animals, which help them in being spotted at night, thereby  preventing fatal accidents.

Saint Dr. MSG has come up with the initiative to tie reflector belts on the stray animals, which help them in being spotted at night, thereby preventing fatal accidents.

Gods incarnate Every Yuga when evil tendencies rise, Why not Kaliyuga then?

Well this question haunted me as a child. Whenever I used to listen to stories of Lord Rama, Krishna, Prahlad. How come God came to save then and why not today?

Every part of globe is haunted with immense misery. Hand is eating another hand. Where is God? Why is he not there to save us. Countless Draupadis are at stake every single moment. Countless Sitas go missing, pandavas are being looted every second. Krishna is never seen around. As an adult, I have got some answers which I would like to share here. Well, Lord Krishna definitely is not seen as the age is different, Kalyuga is all about evils. Kaal the representation of evil thrives in this age. And God cannot be visible through senses or do miracles as we have seen in Satyuga when it was an age of truth. And Kaal had limited power, In Kalyuga Kaal or Satan’s powers grow multifold. So how do we see God, or get his grace. Well, by performing good deeds, virtues. you may be lucky enough to get Satsang or true Saints.

True Saints are the messengers of God in this age, near incarnation you can say. They cannot show their true selves and miracles too are not the same as in Satyuga. Although those with firm faith and past sanskaras, get to live as Satyuga even in Kalyuga, due to devotion and Satsang. So as Saints proclaim, Baba Ram Rahim Ji of Dera Sacha Sauda, even exhorts. In Kalyuga only Satsang can take one out of the garb of the cycle of births and deaths. As he gives examples of holy books, where these sermons are present. “Kalyuga kewal naam adhaara, simar simar jeev utro paar”. So Kalyuga is all about earning devotion by meditating on God’s name and once can find the liberate its soul.

Kalyuga being the age of Satan, is also forgiving in many terms. Here one can earn devotion very easily. Earlier it used to take ages, for people to have a diving glimpse of God. As Baba Ram Rahim Ji says, People used to sit in meditation for centuries, and sometimes they used to turn into trees, with roots, coming out of them and going into soil and still the required devotion was not earned. And in kalyuga one can attain God in a matter of weeks and months with Satsang and a true Saint’s guidance by you side. So kalyuga, may not be about miracles or Gods, but this times is all about meeting God with a perfect mentor. And with consistent efforts in meditation, one can see miracles all around and a true Saint is a manifestation of God himself. He is himself there to guide him and is always there for him in every single moment, be it this world or Nijdham, the abode of self or Lord.

Also, the devotee is emancipated from the cycles of birth death and gets to his real abode while living a life full of bliss and divine glimpses. Kalyuga is not too bad after all, the real deal is to find a true Saint, Says Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji. How to find and recognise a true Saint in this world of fakes. As per Guru Ram Rahim Ji, a true saint is one who never asks for a penny for himself, and instead gives from his own side, and shows the path of goodness and virtues. His preachings, have no selfish motive and they are for the good of Society. You soul, can guide you in this regard too. With a true Saint, your soul will have the feeling of longing and you may feel a strong connection with the God that resides within you.

Followers Celebrating the Centenary Birth Month

The 100th birth anniversary of the great father, Shah Satnam Singh ji, is keeping the followers of  Dera Sacha Sauda above the ground, They seem to be floating in the air, with only one business haunting their minds and that is welfare. Followers want to celebrate their Master’s month with maximum service to humanity. While this will amaze everyone, but for a Dera Sacha Sauda follower, this has been the tradition since the inception of Dera, in 1948. Some of the activities undertaken by a couple of Dera followers are highlighted here:-

Dera Devotees conducted a Cleanliness Campaign and cleaned the village cemetery in village Machaki Kalan near village Sadiq. The cleaning campaign was conducted by Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force, instituted by Baba Ram Rahim Ji as a disaster management force which has more than 70000 volunteers across the Globe.

A group of volunteers from Dera Sacha Sauda of village Bilaspur cleaned the village a day Prior to the City Kirtan, thus setting an example of brotherhood. The cleaning work was started from Gurudwara Shri Premasar Sahib and thereafter cleaning the main streets of the village.

A City Kirtan was organised dedicated to the “prakash parv” of Sahib-e-Kamal, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, by the group residents. and the city was cleaned and decorated, by the devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda along with the villagers, setting a wonderful model of peace and harmony.

The dignitaries of Village Bilaspur appreciated this work of Dera devotees. Cleanliness Drives are being carried out all over the world following the teachings of Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib is one of those great philosophies, in which all the religions and the saints of all classes have the voice of great men who show us the way to live upward by mutual love, brotherly affection and caste. Saying these, words, MLA, Manjeet Singh, thanked the Volunteers for their efforts.

21st Body donated by block Manunke,  

Following the teachings of Dera Sacha Sauda, Premi Jagjit Singh from Manukha’s body was donated for medical research. Since he had already filled the body donation form, the family members donated the body of the dead to Medical Research Center of Baba Medical Center and Hospital, Daudhar in Moga.

This was the 21st body donated by this block alone. hundreds of bodies have been donated for medical research earlier by the followers of Baba Ram Rahim JI. These volunteers are turning to be a boon for the medical community and to humanity for their passion towards serving others. As we can see, these Dera followers dedicate themselves completely to humanitarian acts, especially in the birth months of their Master. Only if we could replicate the same elsewhere across the Globe.

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Followers of Baba Ram Rahim take new pledges everyday to do something good for Society

The countless number of people, the Planet is almost on the verge of suffocating, with the mammoth amount of people all over. Yet, what is surprising is there are people dying in need of Blood. People with disabilities, have to manage somehow with those challenges. 

With the population so huge, if each one of us looks out for the weak, and challenged, World would definitely turn into a walk in a park. With each one of us making it our responsibility to donate blood regularly, donating our eyes, organs posthumous. Even if a fraction of the World, follows these as their responsibility, we would be able to witness heaven right here. Although In one part of the Nation, this heaven truly exists. And that is in Haryana, Sirsa and the neighborhoods. This part of the country is blessed to have a Guru like Gurmeet Ram Rahim whose teachings have indeed transformed millions. 

The followers of Dera Sacha Sauda, celebrate the birth month of their Masters, by taking pledges to fight against evils, both their own inner evils, hogging them as habits and external evils too, like corruption, prostitution, female feticide etc. January being the birth month of the 2nd Master of Dera Sacha Sauda, so this month is high on pledges already, by followers all over the Globe. Social media is replete with everyday pledges taken by the followers, to express their desire to bring good qualities in them, and fighting off their evils.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know how these followers of this spirited and brave heart Guru, are transforming the society. These followers, including females, elderly, transgenders, donate blood every 3 months. They have filled pledges for the same. And also filled body and organ donation forms in laces. What’s more these volunteers have filled the forms for kidney donation, while still being alive, to continue with single kidney. Thousands of such crazy followers exist today also, who are ready to save lives, risking their own. These guys get a huge sense of fulfillment and bliss, while following the path of serving Society, as Baba Ram Rahim Exhorts in Satsangs. 

With more of such committed members of Society, we can be assured of a bright future for our generations. But we need to come forward with our dedicated efforts too, to change the landscape. If only each one of us, wants a better world and ready to get up for the same, can we have promising future, as Baba Ram Rahim points out. By the way, it is his mission to crush every evil hogging the World today. Be it alcholism, Drug Addiction, Prostitution, Dowry, Female feticide, corruption, selfish deeds, every single one of them.

Millions have realised the true purpose of life and pledged against the above evils. Even rural areas, have transformed into more meaningful and loving spaces, thanks to the efforts of Baba Ram Rahim Ji. And Dera Sacha Sauda is the only organisation holding close to 80 world records for humanitarian causes. Let us take a small pledge today, to be there, for others, keeping our day to day affairs aside, at least once a week, or an hour every day. This small contribution can change the face of our planet.