Judicious use of Water

The moment we speak of water shortage, we instantaneously visualize the deserts of Rajasthan. And this water scarcity is caused by overexploitation, excessive use and unequal access to water among different social groups. Water is very precious. Water is a precious gift of God for us so it’s our moral duty to stop misuse of water and use carefully. Everyone knows that water is the most precious resource we have & it must be used wisely, but how many take the responsibility to save water that seriously!! We see water being wasted in the name of several needs.

DSS volunteers are conserving water in the home as well as in farming by following the Tips by Rev. Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Guruji is extremely committed 2 tackle this situation & highlights the dangers of water scarcity in his discourses too. This World water day, we present some of those valuable tips. IF followed religiously these are sure to save several gallons of water each day.

Dig pits to collect Rain Water

Baba Ram Rahim Ji tells a simple way to conserve water. Make a pit near your bathroom and put some concrete and then gravel and then sand over it. This way, you can filter the water used for bathing and can reuse it for growing vegetables.

Planting More and More Trees

Trees and natural vegetation are important elements in maintaining groundwater levels through percolation. Dera Sacha Sauda has planted millions of trees & this has helped improve the groundwater levels.

These pics are showing some more ways to save this most precious gift of God.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji inspires us to save water for ourselves and this also the best gift we can give to coming generations.

Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers have taken pledges in lacs to save water and electricity. Water is an extremely precious resource without which life would be impossible. We need to ensure that water is used judiciously, this World Water Day, let us pledge to reduce water wastage and conserve it every single moment.

Election Transgenders Too will vote Godda Lok Sabha constituency

There are total 16 lakh 91404 voters in Godda Lok Sabha constituency.

Of this, Eight lakh 23566 voters belong to Godda district. There are also names of six third genders in the electoral roll.

In the last phase of 209, elections will be held on May 19 in the Godda Lok Sabha constituency in Jharkhand. For the first time in this Lok Sabha constituency, Kinnars (Third Gender) will vote. Although the number of kinnars entering the voter list can be counted on finger. Two in the Padiyahat assembly constituency, three in the Godda assembly constituency and one third gender voter in the Mahagama assembly constituency, i.e. six.

In fact, in quite a few places, transgender candidates to have contested elections, thanks to the order by SC, to declare these souls as the status of the third gender. What is noteworthy is that it was Dera Sacha Sauda and Mata Naseeb Kaur Ji, who entered the petition for the same in SC that was later, accepted. All Thanks to Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, here’s how.

Election Transgenders

Baba Ram Rahim Ji has been inspiring followers to respect and take care of people from the transgender community as one amongst themselves. He has in fact, provided they equal status in his Ashrams, and setups within Dera. They even donate Blood and participate in welfare works with equal gusto. It was then thought of providing them legal status by putting a PIL in hon. courts. And that is how the journey, initiated by Rev. Master, reached its destination. What are needed though is reforms at bigger levels in Society to provide employment opportunities and education to the children, so they can continue their lives with respect and dignity.

As we can see, efforts are made by SC, and govt. in accepting legal status of eunuchs but beyond that, bringing them to the forefront, needs to be taken care of by society. Although efforts as standing for elections, voting rights, will help but things definitely need to speeded up to see the overall impact soon. So their lives can transform in real sense.

Building Collapse Gurugram

Innocents live at stake: Another Four storeyed building collapse in Gurugram, Relentless baba Ram Rahim’s followers join relief and rescue.

We are rarely taking lessons from accidents happening every now and then, in under construction buildings. The result of this negligence is that another four-story building collapsed in the village of Ullawas in the district. Probably 4th or 5th such incident in the past 3 months. Earlier, there was a building collapse in Noida last month. The time when the building (Four Storey building Gurugram) collapsed, people were fast asleep in their rooms. A mammoth sound was produced, and the people of the village rushed towards it.

Shah Satnam Ji of Green S Welfare Force Wing of Dera Sacha Sauda reached the rescue spot and got into action along with team of the NDRF which and was active in rescue work till late evening. Officially 6 people were reported to be killed by evening. Though it was apprehension that nearly a dozen people are buried underneath the debris.

I have seen Baba Ram Rahim’s followers dressed in khaki, working with NDRF on various sites, after such incidents. In most cases, these volunteers are amongst the first, to reach the spots and quietly get into the job of rescue, without waiting for any photographer, or politician, to come and applaud their efforts. It is ironic that we hardly recognise these kind faces and helping hands. Apart from this voluntary organisation, no other NGO or pvt. agency is spotted helping in rescue missions. Kudos to these relentless workers, who work on the sole fuel of grit and determination to help the society. In fact they spend money from their own pockets to reach the place and even their invaluable time. What can we really say, about their lovely spirit, a spirit, that they have probably inherited from Baba Ram Rahim himself. That is what these incidents suggest. Hope to see more such forces joining hands with the Govt. as these incidents are not coming down, anytime soon, considering the amount of adulteration in the raw material used in construction of these buildings.

What is the Best Way to Raise Children? Here are Top Tips…

In this modern age, parenting has become quite challenging. Everyone is confused as to what is best for kids. Too many choices, are making us out of our brains most of the times. Top that with too many advice givers and half the time this advice are totally opposite of what is a healthy parenting trait. So here we bring you best tips to raise super healthy, confident and productive members of society.

Stop treating your kids as your property

Treat children been given to you to mentor & bring out the best in them

First of all, treat them as future citizens or humans who are here with you on this planet, than just your kids. This will always remind you of the bigger picture that they are here for. Most of the times, parents feel, kids are their personal property and they want to keep their kids off themselves, spoiling them to the core. Listen to every demand they throw. Well take easy on this habit and always keep this in mind, as if you have been given a child to mentor by God, who has to be returned back to God, as perfectly well groomed human being. This is really amazing, view put forth by Baba Ram Rahim.

Never scare them, when you are pushing them to do a task.

As we have seen, in the old school parenting, parents are seen, scaring their kids, for every single activity. Do this or ghost will come, or Do this fast, or a big wolf will come etc. This hinders a child’s ability to fully explore his potential, exhorts Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji.

Always set good examples, yourselves

This has been a very common point in parenting. But how do we accomplish this? Simply by being yourself, or identifying those behaviors which you do not want in your kids, and removing those from yourselves first.

Leave the best wealth for your kids, Values

Teach them good values, at every instance. Honesty, integrity, handwork has no substitute. This they need to know early on, do not let them be okay with compromising on any of these. Reward consistency. Also, connect them to spirituality and meditation to achieve the above traits. Initially, you can reward them to meditate until they form a habit, says Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

So certain traits, mindful living, unconditional love, and acceptance can do wonders for kids. Treat them as friends and never let fear develop in your relationship with your kids. If your kids take you as your best friends, you have done a decent job.

Happiness long lost dream? Here’s how to stay happy Forever

We all are running behind happiness and although nobody knows the right definition of this term, everybody is running after their own version of this word. For some, this means money, more and more of it. For some, it’s their dreams, for some its good food, good fun-filled life.

But almost all of us are getting this term wrong. As Gurmeet Ram Rahim often states,

What you are looking for is “pleasures” not happiness. Cause all these will give you momentary “happiness” which are in fact, pleasures. Although momentary doesn’t mean for a moment, it could be a day a week, a month, but the point being, it is not long lasting. This lasts only for as long as you don’t cling to another version of happiness, like a job, marriage, kids etc. So that is why the saying, happiness is a state of mind holds true. We all may have our list of things to do, or achieve and still be happy.

Our happiness is not dependent to the long list of unachieved dreams. Instead, happiness lies at the moment. It means the absence of dwelling on a single thing and looking at life as a whole package. And the best form of happiness is living every moment being in the present, not wandering in past, or trying to catch the future. It is just being in the moment, doing what you are doing the best way you can. Baba Ram Rahim’s amazing recourse to this, meditating on God’s words, with pranayama Focusing on your breath, and meditation alongside is the best resort to living in the moment.

It could be simple things, like driving, or household chores or job-related chores. Just put your heart and mind into it, as if time has stopped. And time will stop for you giving you the moment of your life. And another way to get used to this form of life is helping others as much as you can. This is another of Baba Ram Rahim’s wonderful tips to all, to serve the society as much as you can, and you will get long lasting happiness from these acts of kindness. In fact, his followers are like living in another blissful planet, their faces are as fresh as fresh lilies, after a hard day of work, or even after cleaning the streets filled with filth and litter.

Serving God’s children is, after all, the best way to please God himself. Isn’t it as the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, Baba Ram Rahim points out in his Satsangs that if you help a child, their parents, naturally are happy with you? Now helping God’s children, won’t that make God himself happy with you? He will for sure, and you’ve got the World on your side, with the creator by your side.

So go ahead, adopt meditation, pranayama and helping others as the mantra for long-lasting happiness.