Important to Control Your Mind and Desires

Whosoever yearns for the Master, calls him with true heart, then Master surely hears his true calls and grants him with his kind grace. Those who act upon the sermons after analyzing them are lucky ones. But it is so severe Kalyuga these days that the mind and senses are dominant. The mind of a person does not let him act upon any advice of the saints. Mind betrays human beings, and retards the action for recitation of Naam of Allah, Waheguru, and Ram says respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Respected Guru Ji further says that these days’ people seem to be indulged in wrong acts all over. They roam around in haughty manner. Some of them are proud of wealth and some of their approach in the ministry. But this stage is not long lasting. When the pride of a person crashes to the ground then he is useful to no-one the pride and selfishness go on drowning everyone. Ego is such a bad element that once attained; it never dissipates afterward. All are entangled in the vicious cycle of sexual-passions, anger, attachment, lust, greed, mind and illusion [Maya]. All are their patients except those who love the Master. Recite the Naam of Allah, Waheguru, and Ram. They may be healthy but otherwise, all are patients of all these seven ailments. These seven circuits are so viscous that it is quite tough to come out of them. If some true saint-Peer-Faqeer may guide them to the way leading to Allah Waheguru Ram Naam and mana my act upon the same after listening then only one can succeed in breaking this circularity and join the wire of his soul with his Param Pita Parmatman. But hardly any person of this category is found these days. Most of the persons seem to be slaves of their mind and Maya. The atmosphere of topsy-turvy is prevailing all-round.

Man goes on betraying duly tangled in web of his mind and entwined in the complexes of his desires. One desire is fulfilled; the next hundreds arise. When he will pay thanks to the Master? Whose death like heinous deed if pardoned should go on paying thanks to the Master throughout his life, and there is no scope for further desires. It is agreeable that the desires of a person never cease throughout his life span. But these need controlling. The mind of a person pleads that all his desires are justified. Mind creates such strange desires that one gets puzzled in their network and becomes helpless like the spider entangled in its own web. The soul which enjoins the Master get that desire fulfilled which results in the better future worthy of Allah, Waheguru, and Ram. Master does not fulfill that desire which draws him away from him.

Respected Guru Ji clarifies this through an example. Once, Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited a place where his devotees were living. Those persons who used to contradict and condemn him also came there and sat. When the devotees asked for his blessings, then Guru Nanak Dev Ji said,” Be ruined!” Then those who were oppressor, anti social and anti-him also asked for his blessings. Guru Nanak Dev said “Dwell forever.” When those persons who never attended his Sat sang went away then the devotee asked him to clarify the misgiving created by his confusing remarks. Guru Nanak Dev said that, “Sons! Their ears are sealed by Kaal.

They do not admit the authority of the Master. They will spoil others as well wherever they will reach. Hence I have said them to dwell here. If even a single person out of you goes to some new village there is possibility that he may improve whole of the village. He may be rewarded in return so much that may make him full in abundance. Hearing this they all bowed down. In fact, whatever helps Guru extends for his pupil does not mean anything to him other than the goodwill for the devotees. Whatever action he takes is meant for the welfare of everybody. But human beings become so selfish and imprisoned in the nefarious thoughts of their mind that they cannot perceive then reality. That is the why that saints-recluses say that one must undertake the recitation of Naam of the Master, love the creations of God selflessly. If you people agree with me and act, you will find spring of joy coming in your home and enriching you with bliss profusely.      

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