Evaluate your life and shun bad deeds


You are the greatest out of all species. God has authorized you to get freedom from trans-migration through meditation-sumrin”. But man has made eating –drinking and being merry as his principle, and is wasting his precious life by just pursuing these activities, says the respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Respected Guruji further says that man has entwined himself in materialism by forgetting the meditation of the Master. The human being does not remember that only he has been granted with this right out of 84lakhs species for getting freedom from transmigration. If he does the practice of sumiran he can be absolved from all worries, tensions, and problems. He can become the king of the land of bliss. But one, who does not obey the sermons, just sees the deficiencies of others. If he removes his own deficiencies; he can become worthy of the kindness-graces of the Master. If a man sits in solitude and evaluates himself, he can realize this fact that he is busy committing bad deeds at every step. He always thinks evil for others. He pretends as if no sin has ever been done by him. Rest all world is criminal and he is innocent. He tries to create such an impression upon others.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji exhorts that those who leave this world without initiated and without doing any selfless services- sumiran they are like a gambler who go back after losing everything in this world.

His Holiness says that man must earn his livings by working hard through truthful means. If you earn by pick pocketing, looting or tormenting others, then your earnings will become like slow poison. All our religions stress upon earning through hard work. Those who eat without doing anything, never gain peace of mind. They do not lead a peaceful life. It has generally been observed that the senior citizens of yore used to work very hard and said that as much they will earn that much they will consume. Such were our traditions and such were our principles. But those who become habitual of eating through illegitimate means never pay heed to these abnormalities. Therefore it is important that you do sumiran, perform selfless services in order to get freedom from trans-migration, freedom from worldly worries, tensions, problems and your life will turn blissful.

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