The Love of Satguru is Indescribable

God's love indescbable

That soul which is lost in the divine love-affection of Master begins to see the glowing shape of the Master, Khands- Brahmands, Sach khand, Satlok, Anami and all in his Satguru-Master. Such soul says to his Master as,” Oh Master, Your benevolences cannot be repaid. We, if get thousands –lakhs of births and our pore-pore may be turned into tongue then even your virtues cannot be sung. Says respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says further that the love of a mother is the greatest in the world. She keeps a child in her womb for 9 months, teaches eating, drinking and walking, etc all. But the worry of mother reduces a bit when the child picks up running, But Peer-O-Murshid –e- Kamil, Giver-Guide, keeps care of the soul of the pupil- disciple forever, lest he should fall anytime. Though he may be a child, an aged person or a middle-aged one.

The benevolence of Guru is beyond words because it is exactly he who has enjoined human being with the Master, Allah and freed him from transmigration. On the other hand, a mother can never even think about doing so. She cannot stand by the child in this very world even. Hence no comparison is possible between Satguru –Master with anyone.

His Holiness says further that just as a sea cannot be contained in a pitcher, and the atmosphere cannot be confined in a fist similarly oh my giver! Your love –affection cannot be described. You are getting everything done and get everything forgone. When your mercy-kindness showers then you write it with your own pen of love-grace, otherwise this poor fellow has no virtue to earn it and sing the benevolences granted by you. These words are not produced by this brain but instead of it are granted by you. You are my owner, husband, friend Allah-Ta’la. Whichever thoughts are granted by you become my voice and come out of my mouth. Therefore Oh Giver!  Please go on continuing like this. Go on showering your kindness –graces as it is. You were getting it done, had been getting it done and will be getting it done. Oh, Master, this life is meant for you, only you have to take work out of it because these were your words, ”We were, we are and we shall prevail” When the soul yearns with pangs and prays then the kind Master surely listens and makes it full of his mercies profusely.

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