Recitation of Ram Naam is the Best Deal

Baba Ram Rahim

Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, while elaborating on the bhajan ”Naam de bagair swas jana nahin chahida; Janam manukh da gawana nahin chahida” says that how it is possible that man may recite the Naam of the Master in each breath? Such a fearful time of Kalyuga is going on, that one can spare a lot of time for worthless gossip, but when the question of recitation of Naam of the Master arises, and one may sit for sumrin then the mind catches super speed. Mind distracts attention away from sumrin and pulls it steadily towards other subjects. The duty of mind is leg pulling and it never likes that one may do sumrin for the Naam of Allah Waheguru or Ram. This does not mean that one should not sit for sumrin.

Many persons complain that sumrin does not happen while sitting for it. Go on reciting Naam, may it proceed or may not. Naam must go on within your thoughts and tongue ultimately your body will become able to begin ‘Dhun’ internally. Honouable Guru Ji says further that whenever you eat something to strengthen your body, and ask that why it has not granted you the requisite strength the next moment?  Your duty is to continue the same, while the strength will be gained naturally in due course. If you stop eating itself then no strength will come. It’s the same principle here. The strength inherited in Naam will automatically rein the naughty mind in. How it can be used for reining the mind if you do not possess it in your hand? It is like a stick. Just as 2-4 mighty farmers force a camel to fall down upon the ground, press its neck and rein its nose with a stick. Similarly Ram Naam is also empowered to rein the camel shaped mind of you with stick.

You will be able to rein your mind in if you undertake sumrin; otherwise it goes on running helter shelter. Then how sumrin can be practiced by each breathe? Those who act upon the discourses of their Sat guru, get the tune of his memory ringing nonstop in their minds, his love always remains thatched in their heart-mind. Thus each breathe of devotee enjoins with the memory of the master. This is what is termed as sumrin of moment by moment provided that your determination is firm and confidence is unwavering. You may be going anywhere, are busy in the daily routine then continue sumrin through your thoughts you will reach upon your destination and recitation will also be done simultaneously, enabling you to earn divine happiness as well. Just as when you are taking meal, even then some through or other goes on running in your mind.

For instance, when some businessman while taking meal has his attention riveted to his business, similarly it happens with you that your attention remains attached somewhere else while taking meal, but it does not concentrate in the memory of Allah, Waheguru Ram even if you sit for sumrin particularly. It is nothing bad to recite the Naam of the Master but attention is not concentrated. This is what is called Kaliyuga. If mind becomes settled for sumrin for Supreme Soul then what is the worth of mind and what is the worth of Kalyuga? It does not mean that people do not worship. There are a lot of them who maintain their sumrin for him. Just as when in ancient days mothers-sisters used to balance 3-3 pitchers over their heads while walking and talking without dislocation because their inner attention used to be there in their pitchers.

 Continuing further His Highness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that man keeps thinking about cash while doing business, as how to multiply it? Some keep diary in their pockets and note down any idea flashing in their mind immediately while walking-going anywhere. How intelligently you people behave for money and materialism! But have no time for the memory of Allah Waheguru, Ram. Some very rare person might have maintained a diary to record any idea about the Master if flashed in his mind sometimes. It will prove to be very significant.   

Stressing for sumrin respected Guru Ji says that this is dense Kaliyuga; one hand is eating the other. Brother is the enemy of his own brother. Relationships-kinships are disintegrating. This degradation of links of relationship –brotherhood proves that Kaal is in full youth. When men-woman come out of their residences they carry thoughts of ego, anger, lust, greed, attachment in their kitty. Wherever anything particular comes in our view we warm up our licentious thoughts from them, and degrade ourselves. 

Absent from our kitty it is love-affection of Allah, Waheguru or Ram. But mostly people come out just with the love of the Master. They step out from their houses after praying that,” Oh Lord! I may perform good deeds today; may meet nice persons. The seed of anything is not destroyed, but selfishness has turned everybody into mad zombies. When some interest is involved then man behaves very sweetly. But afterwards none bothers for courtesy. This saying is fit by 100% these days that man calls donkey as father for meeting his selfishness.

Your Highness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that thus present period is very distressing, but since you possess Naam of the Master, therefore this time is far more valuable to you. In ancient days the bliss the happiness our recluses-mendicants were able to gain after years of penance; you people can get those within some months by dint of sumrin because during the present dense Kalyuga, the power of Allah Waheguru or Ram has also multiplied manifold simultaneously. This way this dense Kalyuga is very beneficial for the devotees, because the Master can be met earlier, though through sumrin only. This mind does not allow one to sit for sumrin, while it is the most important. Your evil habits cannot be changed by talking only.

Citing a couplet of Kabir Sahib, His Holiness says,” Chor, juari kaya badlenge, ye maya ke mazdoor, Mana re teri aadat ko badlega koi Hari jan soor.”  Means that thieves and gamblers can’t shun their habits because they are worshippers of wealth, Oh my mind, you habit can be changed by some Godly brave person. Yours Highness said that these days everyone is bound with his selfishness. Without self interest none likes even to talk with others. Connect your selfishness with the Master. Selfishness is nothing bad, but to ignore the Master against your selfishness is very bad, because whole of the world is wandering for fulfilling self interest only. People may possess a lot of wealth yet their insatiable desire never ends.

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