Shun worldly things and remember the Master

Such severe Kalyuga is on, where the human being is infatuated over the appurtenances and that one who has granted this paraphernalia, Allah, Waheguru, and Ram has been forgotten completely. The man remains lost every time in those appurtenances, which are momentary and will not accompany him. He bears pain for those illusory things, but not for that Ram who accompanies in both the worlds. These are the sermons Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Respected Guru Ji says that those who obey the words on listening, become free from all the troubles which keep them bogged down. If a man does meditation in this body, no shortage of anything may encounter him and he can gain the happiness of both the worlds. But man has made eating-drinking, sleeping like animals as his sole aim. Man of present days has adopted those principles, which belong to savages. Those things, which he considers as precious are in fact the dirt, and those to whom saints-recluses consider priceless, considers vapid. Thinking the method of meditation as tasteless, man considers the worldly objects as priceless gifts. The Master has created abundantly many graceful items on this earth. Still, he goes astray after ignoring them. That one behaves in reverse manner who is overpowered by his mind. If prevented to see anything; he positively sees that. He must see towards that though he may turn blind to do so.

Continuing further respected Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that people these days sell their integrity-faith for the sake of a few rupees. Everything escapes from their mind whether those are wrong or right. Even those persons, whose deadly and dangerous acts turn into pebbles in a moment, become disloyal because it is Kalyuga. This life cannot be bought with billions of rupees. If the Master wishes then most heinous and deadly acts could be turned into pebbles in a moment otherwise whole life could have been passed lying bedridden. When wealth comes in front, man overlooks all benevolence. Then that one seems to be the most chums who deliver the cash. Though that cash may have been gained from tyranny-oppression or guilt and may result in total destruction.

His Highness says that those parents deserve salutation whose children recite the Naam of the Master even during this Kaliyuga. Bravo! To such parents whose children do social service and invest body, mind and wealth for the sake of selfless services of humanity. ShehanShahMastanaJi used to say that those mothers who gave birth to such sons who blot the fair name of dynasty deserve condemnation. Why did she not give birth to such sons, who do sumrin and make their parents proud? Hence avoid bad deeds.

Man becomes proud when he gains some wealth. There are such Kalyugi persons these days. Some become so disloyal that they forget everything within a few days. What to mention of long time they forgo all the vows within days who are fully aware of wrong –doings of those whom they are still associating, because wealth is coming. Man forgets that the money received through cheating forgery and dishonesty never favors and proves to be slow poison for children. As much you will consume that much torment will befall upon you. It is hard fact. Therefore act upon the good advice of saints by listening Sat Sang. Do sumrin. Move in good company. Man has forgotten the giver. Man has forgotten that he has to depart from here one day. Therefore do good-noble deeds and remember the Master, so that the happiness of both the worlds may be showered upon you.

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