String of Body Donations for Medical Research by DSS Followers

Body donations

Dera Sacha Sauda followers shattered age old beliefs, and patriarchal, systems, apart from psychological and social stigmas and myths in a single stroke. Here’s how.

After completing her worldly journey, after the death of his wife Jito Kaur Insan, Sewa Nand Singh Insan of Bireje village Himmatpura resident, donated her body for medical research on 15th March. As per the initiative started by Baba Ram Rahim Ji, ‘Daughter and son are equal’ her daughters and daughter-in-law, completed the last rites, and also lifted her body on their shoulders. Although, As per Hindu tradition, last rites are always completed by a son. But Baba Ram Rahim JI, sensing this as a crucial social issue, leading to many myths started this initiative. The primary one being “No Moksha” if you don’t have a son, to perform last rites and also increase in female foeticide and declining girls to boys ratio. This has been well accepted by his followers and they make sure this initiative is followed whenever needed. In fact, people in rural areas are open to such initiatives speaks volume of their open-mindedness and ready for change, provided it is initiated in the right spirit.

Before donating her body for medical research, a procession was carried out by Dera Sacha Sauda followers from the village. The idea is simple to motivate more and more people to come forward for this rather taboo idea in society. In fact, people are awakening to the idea of organ donation, although in very slowly and numbers can be counted on fingers, but the situation for body donation is all the worse. There are no bodies, for medical students, or if they come, after harvesting the organs, they do not suffice for the purpose. The followers of Dera Sacha Sauda participating in the procession made sure they carried informational placards, and slogans supporting the cause of humanity. In fact, medical colleges in and around Haryana, UP, Punjab, Delhi is quite relieved with DSS followers coming up in big numbers to donate bodies of their deceased family members as per their wishes.

Passing through the streets of the village, the final journey of Jito Kaur Enam was flagged off by Dr. Pritpal Kaur Nem, Sarpanch of the village Pappu Joshi and Group Gram Panchayat, for the DMC Hospital, Ludhiana.

Village Sarpanch Pappu Joshi appreciated the efforts by Dera followers and their Master Baba Ram Rahim Ji for such forward initiatives which are taking the society to welcome every sect., minorities and helping to dissolve differences and lapses at every level.

A body of another Dera Follower, Amarjit Kaur Ensu (60 years old) of Tungwali village of Bhukhi Mandi, Birkhali block, was also donated for medical research a day prior to Jito Kaur enam’s body donation, to Miz Medical College Rishikesh (Haridwar) DAR).

Prior to leaving the dead body for medical research, a large number of people from the society and political circles joined the last journey of Amarjit Kaur. As part of her life’s journey too, she made a huge contribution in the works of humanity, and donated her body after death continuing the string of welfare of humanity. Such followers and their spirit for humanity is something that the society needs to replicate for true reforms, at every level, says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. In fact it is this motivation and mission that this Saint strives for.

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