Today’s Men beyond Comprehension

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that this world has the prejudiced brain. I am speaking so it is possible that people may draw the wrong conclusion because generally, it happens so. I see now but previously it was not noticed. Shah Mastana Ji used to say that the mind is a pleader and issues a lot of arguments. Sometimes mind deceives and sometimes it does not let one listen to the subject of Allah, Waheguru or Ram.

It is correct also because now money plays a part and not the education. Whosoever receives money; begins to weave the web of fraud, lie and falsehood and thinks that some bird will be entangled in it. But those who are under the supervision of the Master, Allah or Ram make these webs ineffective and rather gain the benefits of kindness and grace of the Master profusely. People shed crocodile tears to prove a truth as a lie. Man can be so thankless and disloyal by forgetting so many benevolences; is beyond description and imagination.

Respected Guru Ji further says,”Oh my Giver! Your virtues are being sung and you are making them to be sung. May you be victorious in both the worlds? It must surely happen because these are your blessings. This cannot be stopped even by mind, Kaal-Mahakaal. Those who will walk step by step with you will go with plunder everything and those whose steps have slipped will go in the hells because if the defaulter of spiritualism if not becomes steady then gets even worst place than hells here and there.

If anyone improves, steadies, understands, gets up after falling then Satguru overlooks his mud spoiled dress and hugs him with his chest. If one repents for his sins-faults with sincere heart and shuns shyness then God pardons him. If one resorts to acting then he will have to be satisfied with acting only.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that these days mostly hero-heroines are visible all around. You may see them on T.V. or cinema only but I am seeing them in real life as well. They gossip and lie that it beyond anyone’s comprehension. Everything is seen with the help of X-Ray, C.T. scan or M.R.I. but those who are gifted by Allah, Sat guru or Parmatma, have more sharp eyes than M.R.I. even. When some human being comes in front and sits then the whole map of him comes alive to them that what he has done during his life time and what acting is he showing now?

What-what he does in his house, in solitude and what he does in front of all? But since God wants secrecy for all, hence mendicants never breach the secrecy of any one, otherwise everybody will be bared. Such-such gentlemen, senior citizens who support white hairs do such heinous crimes that soul trembles to believe them. Apparently they seem devotees but in fact they are so shameless that do not feel shy of their acts at all.

They therefore never repent even for their mistakes. A special place has been reserved for such persons in the abode of God. They will be treated; as per words of respected Mastana Ji; that their skin will be de-skinned by reversing the same. The same treatment will be awarded here and there. Then repentance will be of no consequences because breaths will have exhausted by then and none can say which disease may catch hold of you then. Therefore so far health permits do repentance because there is no harm in repentance. Repentance has to be offered to that Allah, Waheguru or Ram who can pardon your crimes. If by agreeing to sermons one acts upon them then salvation is possible otherwise the brigade is ready which will have to be faced by you.