One can Become Care-Free by Reciting God’s Words

Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that one should live care freely but carefully during these days of Kaliyuga. Live blissfully in the memory of the Master, what is the fun of living with worries and tensions? If worry grants something then engage the whole of the family for worrying so that quick progress is ensured. Worry is not the solution to any problem. Worry is a burning pyre for living human beings. Therefore forget worrying and start working hard. Enjoy whatever is in your possession and work hard for that which is not in your possession. Use the art you possess for the betterment of your life through good deeds. Never get disheartened. Disheartening is like a broken ladder for failure. Therefore do not worry.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that no one is satisfied. Only those are satisfied who maintain their love for the Master, because he has nothing to worry, then. The biggest rich men of the world are graded according to their wealthy status. They are worried that lest some other one may not be upgraded comparatively and push me to the second spot. Numerous reasons are there for worrying. These do not let the man remain contented, may he be big or small. Becoming the king of ’Begampur’ i.e. where there is no ‘gam’ [worry]; is possible; if any; through Naam of Allah Waheguru or Ram only. There is no diet available in this world which is worthy of acting as a panacea of all worries There is only one such diet which is called Naam- Shabad, Kalama, Gurumantra.

 It is through that Naam that you can have access unto the Master. You can become carefree by recitation of that very Naam. That fellow who is free from worldly worries during this period of Kaliyuga is the real frolicsome and contented. He may be managing the earning just sufficient for two times only yet no one can equate with him. Your Highness says that if your conscience is clear then surely your self-confidence will boost your happiness. If your thoughts are dirty then happiness will elude you even by numerous ostentations of showy meditation. If you keep the true love of the Master, Allah, Waheguru, Ram reserved in your heart; then you will be supplied with the doze of divine happiness nonstop irrespective of wherever you wonder. If you dress like devotees but act like savages by indulging in evil deeds, then your dressing is of no consequences but only your deeds will be evaluated. Man is recognized by his acts and not by his dress.

If someone dresses like Brahmin but does evil deeds like dishonesty, fraud, corruption then he is the meanest fellow. This has also been recorded in religious scriptures that if some ‘Shudra’ who is looked down upon in society as a low born person if studies Vedas-Shastras from the very beginning and gains knowledge up to ‘Brahm’ then he can be declared as ,’Brahm-Gayani’ He though being low born but is far better than Brahmins. Man is recognized on the basis of his deeds. None asks further in Dargah about the cast to which one belongs. Only the deeds done will be accounted for there. Therefore watch your deeds. Your thoughts must not be mean though you dress may be torn. Your thoughts about noble deeds must be of high caliber although the public may call you ‘Shudra’ Recitation of Ram Naam is the best deed out of all deeds.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that man bothers for the cleanliness of his body so dearly. He rubs his body with soap so thoroughly and keeps a lot of attention for it. Have you ever rubbed soap of Ram Naam for the cleansing of your soul? If the soul becomes pure then your mind will become submissive and rest everything will be fine. If a man sheds tears for the world they are worthless. If even a single tear falls for the sake of Master; it will be turned into diamond-pearls by the Almighty. The Lord evaluates the tears shed in his memory so much so that he makes one pure internally and externally. Therefore do not shed your tears for worldly things. This wealth [Maya] is transitory. Those who ruled the roost in the past have no issue at present. Those who passed their days in poverty are sitting on the top these days. This wealth is a moving shadow. Today it is with you; tomorrow it will be under the possession of someone else. What I mean to say is that earn money through hard work and honest labor. The purpose of such earning is that it will be shared with the welfare of poor and hapless ones. The parents of persons with this motive deserve accolades.

 His Holiness says that the life Sat Brahmachari is considered as good because they have one mission only for pleasing the Master and the offspring of the Master. Such type of life is not available to all in this world. It is availed by those only who have thoughts of this type. Such thinking can be availed by the householders as well but they are wrapped with various problems. Recluse has one target only; to love the Lord and to serve its offspring. This life belongs to some very lucky fellows. Otherwise, it is very tough to be recluse. It is not a petty issue. This is due to the grace of that Satguru on account of his good deeds which culminated in gaining this rank which is saluted even by god-goddesses. Such type of life is not found anywhere in Triloki.

Bhisham Pitamah had vowed not to marry throughout his lifetime and would not create children. That is the reason why; he was called as Bhisham but he had not left his family life. Those who shun their families are far more advanced than him. They have only one mission in their lives to get access to Allah, Waheguru, or Ram due to which they enjoy profound bliss in both of the worlds. When a recluse reaches Nij –Dham then the Lord gets up from his thorn and picks him up in his lap. Similarly, a householder if recites the Naam of the Master while fulfilling his responsibilities simultaneously can get the graces of God too. This is possible only for those who recite Naam may they be householder or recluse.

Your mind will come under control when you will sit for sumrin. You will have to do the practice of sumrin so far as you are surviving upon this earth. So far you are living upon this earth hold sumrin and service tightly. A householder can also do selfless service. His Holiness says that man does every other job but sumrin seems him to be hard. Man draws a time schedule for every other job but not for Sumrin. When rest all others works flash up in your mind automatically then the job of recitation must also ring in. If you begin to do sumrin; you will start to enjoy the divine views then you will repent that why so much time was wasted in the past.

Therefore sumrin must be undertaken. The Naam of the Lord is so powerful that all your ailments can be over. All your pending works may be completed. Nothing remains impossible by undertaking sumrin. Everything becomes possible. If anyone is desirous to have access to the Master then please adopt sumrin and do public service. One has to kill one’s ego for this. One has to get rid of his dirty thoughts. Maintain dignity for good deeds. If you do not possess dignity then you are not human being even. If you have true shame/dignity then all of your negative defects will ooze out. If you act upon the words of saints, Peer-Faquirs then Sach Khand, Nij Dham will move around you because where there is Parmatman there is Nij Dham.

As much the sumrin of Ram Naam will proceed that much effect it will cast inside the eyes. Just in case of acupressure the practitioner presses one with his feet but its effect is felt over the brain. In the same way, as much sumrin will be done by the tongue that much effect will be felt over the brain, heart, and eyes. You will begin to feel your body light like flowers. When a man becomes totally free from all worries and all thoughts come under his control, then none can be more comfortable than him. The bliss if desired more than this is however inherited in gaining the Supreme soul. Therefore go on reciting the Naam of Master continuously while walking-moving, doing business-routine jobs. Avoid that person who tells lies. Do not indulge in argumentation. Honour this human body, do sumrin of Ram Naam; you will become worthy of the happiness of both the worlds in this world of death and can be enriched with the kindness-grace of the Lord abundantly.