Block Naamcharchas galore, as part of Foundation Month celebrations of Dera Sacha Sauda

In spite of scorching heat, thousands reached the spots organizing Namcharchas across various states including Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi, UP, Himachal Pradesh. April, being the foundation month of Dera Sacha Sauda, this month is very pious and holds special importance in the life of a Dera Follower.

Followers pledge to strive unitedly towards humanitarian endeavours

Today, thousands of thousands of devotees reached the Namacharcha houses in every block, on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the 71st ‘holy month of’ Dera Sacha Sauda ‘and’ JAM-A-INS Guru ‘. The followers decided to continue humanitarian work with unity and combined efforts. In spite of the summer and wheat cutting season, the people from various districts reached in huge numbers to commemorate this auspicious occasion. Such was the turnout of devotees that the arrangements made in hundreds of acres of land, fell short in front of their enthusiasm.

Long queues of buses were seen on both sides, two-two kilometers from Namcharcha houses. Hymns were being sung in praise of the Master, and Sermons of Guru ji were played in the form of recordings from past Satsangs. Every speck was glorified by the name of God and God’s praise, bearing proof to Guruji’s magnificent sermons about God’s name. It is indeed a special ocassion, It is an exceptional passion towards humanity and God’s infinite love that droves these devotees out of their houses and travel hundreds of kilometres for an hour of God’s praise in the form of Naamcharcha. People would argue here, how come these people visit their places of worship when there is an absence of their fatherly figure. Why do you visit Dera now, ask some? But these devotees simply do not feel the absence of their guide. He is guiding them and keeping them on their path, as earlier and so they really do not feel any difference and the reason they are following their regular routines as before.

On this occasion, Dera devotees congratulated each other for the anniversary of this holy month. The responsible members of various blocks visited these namcharchas to motivate the followers to strive unitedly towards the betterment of society. Foundation month is also the time, when followers perform maximum welfare, in their respective blocks, which include donating books, groceries, making houses for the needy and every other act of kindness as per 134 welfare works initiated by Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Devotees also reiterated their desire to accelerate humanitarian good deeds and to stand united in the face of any adversity faced by the members of society.

Similarly, in Bathinda block too, pledges were taken to strive for the service of mankind, with more vigour and zeal. Bathinda Block has always been a pioneer in humanitarian welfare service and always will remain firm on Guru Ji Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji’s teachings. Everyone likewise is busy in doing good to strengthen mutual win and to fulfill Guruji’s dream of erasing every evil every pain from society.

Judicious use of Water

The moment we speak of water shortage, we instantaneously visualize the deserts of Rajasthan. And this water scarcity is caused by overexploitation, excessive use and unequal access to water among different social groups. Water is very precious. Water is a precious gift of God for us so it’s our moral duty to stop misuse of water and use carefully. Everyone knows that water is the most precious resource we have & it must be used wisely, but how many take the responsibility to save water that seriously!! We see water being wasted in the name of several needs.

DSS volunteers are conserving water in the home as well as in farming by following the Tips by Rev. Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Guruji is extremely committed 2 tackle this situation & highlights the dangers of water scarcity in his discourses too. This World water day, we present some of those valuable tips. IF followed religiously these are sure to save several gallons of water each day.

Dig pits to collect Rain Water

Baba Ram Rahim Ji tells a simple way to conserve water. Make a pit near your bathroom and put some concrete and then gravel and then sand over it. This way, you can filter the water used for bathing and can reuse it for growing vegetables.

Planting More and More Trees

Trees and natural vegetation are important elements in maintaining groundwater levels through percolation. Dera Sacha Sauda has planted millions of trees & this has helped improve the groundwater levels.

These pics are showing some more ways to save this most precious gift of God.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji inspires us to save water for ourselves and this also the best gift we can give to coming generations.

Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers have taken pledges in lacs to save water and electricity. Water is an extremely precious resource without which life would be impossible. We need to ensure that water is used judiciously, this World Water Day, let us pledge to reduce water wastage and conserve it every single moment.

Happiness long lost dream? Here’s how to stay happy Forever

We all are running behind happiness and although nobody knows the right definition of this term, everybody is running after their own version of this word. For some, this means money, more and more of it. For some, it’s their dreams, for some its good food, good fun-filled life.

But almost all of us are getting this term wrong. As Gurmeet Ram Rahim often states,

What you are looking for is “pleasures” not happiness. Cause all these will give you momentary “happiness” which are in fact, pleasures. Although momentary doesn’t mean for a moment, it could be a day a week, a month, but the point being, it is not long lasting. This lasts only for as long as you don’t cling to another version of happiness, like a job, marriage, kids etc. So that is why the saying, happiness is a state of mind holds true. We all may have our list of things to do, or achieve and still be happy.

Our happiness is not dependent to the long list of unachieved dreams. Instead, happiness lies at the moment. It means the absence of dwelling on a single thing and looking at life as a whole package. And the best form of happiness is living every moment being in the present, not wandering in past, or trying to catch the future. It is just being in the moment, doing what you are doing the best way you can. Baba Ram Rahim’s amazing recourse to this, meditating on God’s words, with pranayama Focusing on your breath, and meditation alongside is the best resort to living in the moment.

It could be simple things, like driving, or household chores or job-related chores. Just put your heart and mind into it, as if time has stopped. And time will stop for you giving you the moment of your life. And another way to get used to this form of life is helping others as much as you can. This is another of Baba Ram Rahim’s wonderful tips to all, to serve the society as much as you can, and you will get long lasting happiness from these acts of kindness. In fact, his followers are like living in another blissful planet, their faces are as fresh as fresh lilies, after a hard day of work, or even after cleaning the streets filled with filth and litter.

Serving God’s children is, after all, the best way to please God himself. Isn’t it as the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, Baba Ram Rahim points out in his Satsangs that if you help a child, their parents, naturally are happy with you? Now helping God’s children, won’t that make God himself happy with you? He will for sure, and you’ve got the World on your side, with the creator by your side.

So go ahead, adopt meditation, pranayama and helping others as the mantra for long-lasting happiness.