Reservation on the Basis of Economic Background

Reservation on the basis of economic background should be welcome with open hearts.

The Supreme Court has refused to give an interim order on the proposed 10% reservation for people from the economically weak background of upper Caste. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that no interim order in this regard will be issued.

They will decide whether it will be sent to the Constitution Bench or not. Supreme Court to hear the same on March 28. Let us tell you that the Supreme Court is hearing a petition challenging the decision of center for giving reservation of 10 percent jobs to economically backward people of upper caste. In the previous hearing, the court had issued a notice to the Center seeking the response but refused to ban the law. It has been said in the petition that this judgment violates the maximum reservation limit of 50% of the constitution bench of the Supreme Court in Indra Sahni case. Earlier, in this case, the Supreme Court has issued the petition of Youth for Equality, Jeevan Kumar, Vipin Kumar and Pawan Kumar and Tehsin Poonawala etc. Now the Supreme Court will hear all the petitions together.

It is indeed a welcome decision by SC. Reservation on the basis of caste system is dividing the society whereas reservation based on financial status of a person, should bridge the divide and bring the economy towards a fair system. In fact, Baba Ram Rahim Ji has proposed the same, many times and economic status is the only basis for reservation he has been saying in Satsangs. Also, people opposing the same on the basis of any other reservation, indrasahni case, etc, should understand the macro effect this can produce. Such decisions need our unified support to bring about a change in whole system. Let us work together to strengthen the weaker section; let them be from any caste or creed. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has advocated this to be a step further, towards bringing about equal opportunities for all. Only if we keep aside our vested interests for particular castes can this be achieved.