Tackle issue of Increasing Stray Animals through Bio Gas Plants

Challenges are faced by the residents and the government in tackling stray cattle in the states of North India including Punjab and Haryana. Farmers are facing challenges to protect the wheat and other crops from the livelihood of animals. Along with giving money to the defenders of the crops, the expense of thorn wire has become a big burden for the farmers. Many farmers awake from night and watch the fields. Every year there are accidents due to animals; thousands of people go to the mouth of death.

The government has not made any concrete policy yet to solve this problem, which is clear that it was not considered a problem at the government level. The district administration is doing a lot of effort to solve the case at its own level but there is no active activity for the permanent settlement of the problem. Crores of rupees have been collected in Punjab, but no strategy has been made to handle animals. The truth is that the flocks of animals can be seen in the cities which the government has declared as a smart city. Today the troubled farmers are filling up the stray cattle in trolley and ridding them out of the DC office.

Bio Gas

Local administration is providing a solution to this issue by asking for the animals to leave in the Gaushalas. Indeed, the management Gaushalas is not so capable that they can handle all the animals. In fact, this case is not going to be settled at the level of local administration. The government needs to formulate strategic policies and strategies in this regard. The voice of farmers’ organizations remains till the district administration. There is a need to pass the bill in the Parliament / Legislative Assembly for the stray animals. The whole country is grappling with this problem. Central and state governments will have to take concrete steps, and this case will not be solved by any one party’s courage. Panchayats and farmers too need to collaborate with the government as well.

One solution for the same can be generating ways to generate income from animal waste. In fact, Baba Ram Rahim Ji has shown in his Movie Jattu Engineer how bio Gas can be produced by making use of human as well as animal waste. So with the incentive of animal waste providing income, farmers would not want to leave animals and thus strays will be limited in respective areas. This is a perfect solution for both the parties, in fact, Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji has been urging farmers to not leave animals on the roads to add to traffic and other woes. But this particular solution, by Rev. Guru Ji has been elaborately explained in the Movie, which is incidentally a comedy movie, but the way it presents a feasible solution to India’s electricity and Gas needs, through human and animal waste is incredible. In fact this solution tackles many issues at the same time.