All the Religions profess love

Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says all the religions profess love among each other. These religions have been formed by our established Gurus, Saints and great persons. Those who do bad deeds do not belong to any religion but are the representatives of such persons who want to achieve their nefarious motives through them. Such persons are held accountable for their misdeeds and bear their consequences and those who stand by them also share these consequences.

While describing about the great martyr Lilly Kumar His Highness says that Lilly Insan was a Sat Brahmchari Sevadar previously when his elder brother died , then his father and a senior citizen called upon us to return back Lilly Kumar Insan. He went back. Praising the good deeds of Lilly Kumar, His Holiness says ;”Lilly Kumar Insan was famous in the whole area and was no.1 in the matter of selfless services. He used to serve day and night. His daughter studies here in 10th class of Shah Satnam Ji Girls School. When I met with his family then she was not weeping at all. She said, “ Pita Ji make me like my father and give me a chance to do something or service to help of sadh sangat ” All the three children of him were so daring and his father so daring that they compelled the sadh sangat to become emotional.

When the bier of Lilly Kumar was being brought to the graveyard and laid down upon the ground, his father was unable to walk. He requested to help him in standing. He threw away his stick and sang in full throat by keeping his hand over his ear that “Jan-ni jane to bhagat jan kai data kai shoor, nahin to rahe banjh hi kahe gawa noor” Then he applauded his son,” Bravo son! My babbar lion you have done that job for which people yearn for, that my issue may do so. All the sadh sangat turned to be ascetic upon seeing this view that are there such Gurmukh parents? It is heard that Gurmukhta is there. But of what type Gurmukhta is, up to what extent Gurmukhta reaches is the subject beyond description or listening. He addressed sadh sangat and said the sacrifice of single son rewarded me with unification with Satguru. What else a man can desire? I desire nothing else except my Satguru, my Master.

Blessed is such a mother, such parents who bear such an offspring. Such kids make them proud in both the worlds, not only the family alone but of all of the sadh sangat as well. There should be at least one such a lover of the God and confirmed that the love of the Master contains such an intoxication, bliss, frolicsomeness that takes some time in drinking but once drank this never comes down in both of the worlds and that person who gains it becomes worthy of happiness of both the worlds .he remains full with the kind grace of the master to the brim. the facilities of the world rotate around him and after becoming the blue boy of the Master, floates across this Bhavsager of this world. Respected Guru Ji says that there is no place of one’s ego in the love of the Master. One has to shun ego pride and haughtiness altogether and has to surrender oneself completely to the Master. When that Master adopts him then he turns him to be priceless. The effect of the love of the Master is so tremendous that even the dead bodies may tear out of their graves and the mountains may become mole. If he wanted he could make a speck to be very bright and crush Sun and moon under his feet. That Allah, Master, Waheguru, Ram is the owner of both the worlds and nothing is impossible for him. But he does not meet a person so far deficiencies linger in a person.

His Holiness says that one should never get defeated by his mind. The fight must be continued, non –stop. The mean thoughts inside you must be pushed out. Reign your tongue which speaks bad does defamation, condemnation and backbiting, because as much freedom will be enjoyed by it that much slavery will have to be suffered by you from your mind and will be distanced away from your Master. If you are interested in gaining the kindness-grace of the Master, then not only bridle your tongue but also reign your mind as well. Discard those thought out which you can not speak out freely. Shun those thoughts which make you scared.Yours Gracious says that see by becoming the same both from inside and outside because when man becomes one and the same from inside and outside then he starts getting the uniform taste from each and every grain of this world. Instead of those talks which you undertake while sitting under lock or in alone; adopt those subjects which be spoken publicly. If those subjects could not be discussed openly then surely those are wrong. Shun them.

His highness further says that man is very clever and sharp. He does not admit his mistake so far as he is not caught red handed. Those persons whose mistakes are caught are lucky, because mendicants –recluses stop him from doing so. Do not do such acts as these are not beneficial for you. It is better to leave them and make your fortune. But if man still goes on chewing the rope like that of an animal, then what saints can do? The duty of saints is to guide the public towards becoming worthy of unification with the Master and gain such happiness which are abundantly filled inside him. So many of such persons have drank the peg of frolicsomeness.

There are other than Meera, Dhanna as well. Meera used to dance for her Master. She continued dancing throughout night by tying bells in her feet in such frolicsomeness again and again. Her grandfather or great grandfather wanted her to become a sincere devotee, true devotee. As and when she grew up she nursed a desire to have the glimpse of the Master. She desired that her Satguru/ Master may dance with her and went on yearning. Ultimately the Lord was pleased and danced with her as she wished. His Highness says that the Master, Parwar-digar disperses happiness abundantly. Meera looked forward for that time when she may dance. When the right moment arrived she started dancing without caring for any one. Many members of household prevented her from doing so. But since all feared from her grand father so none objected against her dancing openly. Then she was married and that also in the family of Rana Sanga, where she was the bride of his grandson.

Rattan Singh was her husband or probably brother of husband. During first meeting he noticed that she is coloured in the colour of the Master and weeping as a destitute in his memory. When he asked the reason of her weeping She told that she was ever-married, and her Master, Ram my Allah remains ever- present with her and thus told the whole matter. He replied, “Then it is alright, I myself will tie bells in your feet, you dance and forget about me, don’t worry as who am I in front of that Lord? Then she danced a lot and sang the songs of separation as well and then love for her husband was also born in her heart. She said that since he helped her in the meditation of the Master so much, May God grant graces to him as well. He was ill severely. Gained health, lived for long and ultimately died. Meera was maltreated by her relatives later on, that she was being defamed a lot because her husband had provided her with a temple in the palace. Therefore she used to dance a lot whenever she got time. Those servants-minions who were devotees themselves respected her a lot while others talked nonsense. They satired upon her activities in negative sense. You people know well that how mean this world is?

The Rajput family felt let down and started exploring means to stop all these nuisances. They gave her deadly poison in pretext of holy water to drink. Meera drank that up and went in swoon for a while, but survived later by turning that poison into nectar due to the abundant grace of her Master. She danced with triple gaiety to thank her Master. Then she was offered a cobra snake in a basket on the pretext of a necklace worth 9.0 lakhs of rupees. When she opened that basket, the cobra was actually turned into the ornament due to the rare grace of the Master; which she wore in her neck gladly. Even then she was made to leave the palace. She noticed that people did not like her anymore. Then she walked from Mewad to Mathura on foot with some of her female friends. It is said that she died on the way itself. Meera suffered foot sore in her feet. In other words Meera craved so much in the love of the Lord but she did not surrender in front of her mind. Hence you should also fight against your mind. Never let the depressed thoughts enter in your brain. If man fights with his mind relentlessly, does Sewa- Sumrin constantly then he is sure to become worthy of the kind-grace of the Lord one day.