Never Talk Bitter

Today it is a period of extreme Kaliyuga. Mind-Senses are prevailing. Man either does not hear the sermons of Saints-recluses or if hears at all then never puts them in practice. But those who listen and out them in practice gain all the happiness. These words were delivered by respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Respected Guru Ji further says that the mind has made man as a puppet in its hands. The mercury of human mind goes up and down simultaneously. When one’s mind and mind-oriented persons play tricks then all- mighty -ones also fall flat. The mind is a very dangerous power. Therefore Beparwah Ji says that one must never speak bitter/harsh with others. Those who speak bitter with others and speak harsh are not liked by the general public. Neither they get any happiness in spiritualism, nor they are popular among the Janta even. Therefore one should speak sweetly with others.

Your Highness says that some such haughty persons are also there who speak sweet like others and under the garb of sweet talk commit cheating and dishonesty. But still, people go to them rushing. On the other side, some persons though learned, restore to terse talk, therefore none likes to go to them. Therefore man should speak sweet and should be true in behavior because Master is also happy with those who speak sweet and people also like such persons in public behavior. Therefore bitter speaking should be shunned. Man cannot do so himself. For this Sumrin is an alternative. It is the mind due to which man speaks harsh and it does not let one see his deficiencies.

His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji says that if a man is caught in an argument or dispute with someone then if one of them bows and says please forget it as I was mistaken, though, in fact, it was not so,  then that man becomes credible in the eyes of others. But the haughtiness or ego in a person never allows this. The pride of a person never lets his bow. But who bows gains and others those who remain taut loose.

Wear humility on your sleeves

Those who wear humility/meekness on their sleeves gain everything and those who remain rigid under the spell of their minds loose all. Respected Guru Ji further says that people begin to think God even as a toy if the master is gracious enough to accept their mind –oriented thoughts then OK, otherwise they pronounce that there is nothing like God in this world. People these days have become so selfish that if the supply of riches-wealth, land-properties etc remains intact then OK otherwise they change colours instantly.

Even a chameleon does not change its colors as quickly as a person of present days does so. He considers himself so haughty, clever and smart that he can make fool of that Master even, who has built whole of the world, and is present in each and every grain of this world. Who resides in every one of us even without taking births-deaths?  Today man thinks to make a fool of the same Master thorough his arrogant brain. The end of such person is very miserable. Continuing further Yours Highness said that man must never tease the hearts of others. Please join the hearts of those who are separated from the Master and those who are uprooted ones, if possible If you make others distant from the Master through your actions, thoughts then that sin cannot be unburdened for many dynasties One girl informed us through a chit that her dynasty was connected with some dynasty of Gurus. But curse befell upon them. Due to this even after 6th or 7th dynasties those persons who are born in our homes start shaking in the beginning and then their brain becomes numb and all of them die through suicide because their body becomes so deteriorated that they start trembling violently and their limbs and feet become inactive, they turn mad and under the spell of madness they commit suicide. Similarly those who tear others away from their Peer-o- Murshid face the same result.    

Yours Holiness says that some people come to sat sang under helplessness, but slip away just when the detailed description begins, because his motive is that if I will hear then disturbance will start. To distract others has become their profession. They sit close to one who feels a little disturbed. If he feels OK then they condemn him Such persons cannot listen the description of Sat sang. They slip away during bhajan under this pretext or the other or leave afterwards. They cannot listen to Majlis because their destiny has drowned.

Their condition is deteriorated due to the influence of their mind and Kaal. Therefore one should think with one’s brain and must avoid the company of such persons. Yours Holiness told that the Master is ready to deliver abundance of happiness but so far you do not leave their company any good impression sticks. Even a good fellow who loves the Master, attends their company becomes fool in no time and behaves as a puppet in their hands. They brainwash them against their love for God and fill up their minds with anti-God thoughts. Such persons do not feel calm during the day or at night.

An atmosphere of discontentment always remains prevalent in their brains. They sink themselves and draw their dynasties along with them. Hence stop moving the company of such persons. Do not have friendship with them because it will result in your downfall as well. If you have to win friendship with others then select those God-Allah loving peoples who are extremely devoted. But now being dense Kaliyuga they never listen to the advice of Saints.

Some rarely lucky person settles this advice in his heart otherwise mostly people ignore these sermons and fill their boat with stones due to bad company of manmukh persons. So brother! Shun such company. His Holinesssays further that he was informed by children and sevadars that there are some persons who attend Sat sang but as soon as they find someone down in spiritualism, they adjust their friendship with him, sit close by, start taking meals with him and talk in intimate manner. They feel very glad to find him breaking.

But as soon as that man becomes normal again they break their newly developed love and go back. Neither they talk to him as usual nor eat with him complaining that he has again become OK. Some of them are generally habitual of drugs. They feel that it would be better if some prey is caught as well. They offer him some capsule or some pouch of hemlock and make him habitual of licking. Animals are normally fond of licking even men do so these days. Such persons neither fulfill their commitments nor let others do so. Hence be wary of such persons, speak sweet. You will gain the charms of both of the worlds by doing so.

Gods incarnate Every Yuga when evil tendencies rise, Why not Kaliyuga then?

Well this question haunted me as a child. Whenever I used to listen to stories of Lord Rama, Krishna, Prahlad. How come God came to save then and why not today?

Every part of globe is haunted with immense misery. Hand is eating another hand. Where is God? Why is he not there to save us. Countless Draupadis are at stake every single moment. Countless Sitas go missing, pandavas are being looted every second. Krishna is never seen around. As an adult, I have got some answers which I would like to share here. Well, Lord Krishna definitely is not seen as the age is different, Kalyuga is all about evils. Kaal the representation of evil thrives in this age. And God cannot be visible through senses or do miracles as we have seen in Satyuga when it was an age of truth. And Kaal had limited power, In Kalyuga Kaal or Satan’s powers grow multifold. So how do we see God, or get his grace. Well, by performing good deeds, virtues. you may be lucky enough to get Satsang or true Saints.

True Saints are the messengers of God in this age, near incarnation you can say. They cannot show their true selves and miracles too are not the same as in Satyuga. Although those with firm faith and past sanskaras, get to live as Satyuga even in Kalyuga, due to devotion and Satsang. So as Saints proclaim, Baba Ram Rahim Ji of Dera Sacha Sauda, even exhorts. In Kalyuga only Satsang can take one out of the garb of the cycle of births and deaths. As he gives examples of holy books, where these sermons are present. “Kalyuga kewal naam adhaara, simar simar jeev utro paar”. So Kalyuga is all about earning devotion by meditating on God’s name and once can find the liberate its soul.

Kalyuga being the age of Satan, is also forgiving in many terms. Here one can earn devotion very easily. Earlier it used to take ages, for people to have a diving glimpse of God. As Baba Ram Rahim Ji says, People used to sit in meditation for centuries, and sometimes they used to turn into trees, with roots, coming out of them and going into soil and still the required devotion was not earned. And in kalyuga one can attain God in a matter of weeks and months with Satsang and a true Saint’s guidance by you side. So kalyuga, may not be about miracles or Gods, but this times is all about meeting God with a perfect mentor. And with consistent efforts in meditation, one can see miracles all around and a true Saint is a manifestation of God himself. He is himself there to guide him and is always there for him in every single moment, be it this world or Nijdham, the abode of self or Lord.

Also, the devotee is emancipated from the cycles of birth death and gets to his real abode while living a life full of bliss and divine glimpses. Kalyuga is not too bad after all, the real deal is to find a true Saint, Says Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji. How to find and recognise a true Saint in this world of fakes. As per Guru Ram Rahim Ji, a true saint is one who never asks for a penny for himself, and instead gives from his own side, and shows the path of goodness and virtues. His preachings, have no selfish motive and they are for the good of Society. You soul, can guide you in this regard too. With a true Saint, your soul will have the feeling of longing and you may feel a strong connection with the God that resides within you.