Where are the weapons of our welfare? Lord has provided all the tools we need- Time to use them.

We see war like a situation all around us. All the tools of Destruction are visible to us and Nations are powerful enough to destroy the entire mankind within minutes. When there are such powerful tools of destruction, don’t we have the necessary tools to spread love and erase this hatred from hearts? Is nature pro-war? Hasn’t it provided us with any tools for welfare, spreading kindness and love? Of course, we have those in abundance and in fact those very tools are saving us in this miserable time. But we can put them to far greater use than this.

Selfless Love and Compassion can Put life into Stones

The very basic quality human being is loaded with, is selfless love and compassion. We are laced in and out with this as we take birth, but with time with acts of selfishness and only bothering about our blood relations, these tools get covered in layers of our self-centred agendas. Otherwise, you can see a child, equally bothered for his friends, his pets and even his lifeless toys if he loves them. Love is the key here and selfless love can bring wonders in our relationship with each other. As we are losing this innate quality.

Welfare can Beat Warfare in Single Stroke:

Baba Ram Rahim Ji has come up with simple ways to restore the qualities of compassion and selfless love in his followers. It is through engaging in acts of welfare, that you will be able to connect with God, meditate, and compassion will flow in abundance in each one of you” says he.

In fact, millions of his followers have restored this wonderful quality of selfless love and compassion in them. Quality only humans are blessed with in abundance. With Compassion and passion for humanity, these guys are able to put others before themselves.

Laces of these followers of Dera Sacha Sauda, keep aside their personal obligations, to join a cleanliness campaign thousands of kilometers away or pitch in for Blood Donation. In fact, people world over are recognizing this, and getting themselves dirty in acts of kindness. It is this dirt that will clean their past karmas, they have already started realising. And when simple acts, can connect you to the higher entity and take you deeper down in spirituality, it’s actually a very small price. Small price compared to what our rishis used to pay in ancient times. Thousands of years of devotion, they used to turn into trees; roots growing underneath them, considering the years spent meditating on Lord. In fact history is also laced with Saints like Kabir Ji, Sai Baba, who found God through simple acts of kindness and love and serving the Society.

So guys, let us switch on the welfare mode, to combat this warfare. Welfare mode will bring you instant happiness, worth crores of rupees spent in hotels, spas, restaurants etc, exhorts Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Why not make the best use of time at hand? Why use minds to spread negative vibes, when positivity is ready to enter in through us. Let’s give positive vibrations, selfless love and compassion a chance and you will never regret the same.

Lord’s Grace Easily Obtained if You ask and beg for same

Though leaving bad habits is possible but it is very tough. It is not very tough if one agrees to act upon the sermons, because only the shield of words changes the bad habits, and the shield of sermons control the mind. Saints have words and words if adopted act as a shield then what to say of mind even Satan cannot dare to harm. Says Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

 Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that many people professing bad habits ask me during the course of meeting. Please tell me if something wrong has been done by me. Oh man! Don’t you know what bad habits are you nursing? It can never be possible that one may not know his bad habits. It can never be possible that a man having condemned others with backbites may feel like reading religious scriptures. It is in fact the naughtiness of mind.

Those who come to Peer-Faqir and hoodwink as, “Tell me if something is there.” “Why brother? Don’t you know? Why should saints tell? It is alright that they guide for everything but they want to let the secrecy be honoured. What difference it will make to them if you gain happiness under cover? If you want to unburden your load and admit your sins then pardon will be granted to you and you will regain your lost dignity and fabulous happiness. Hand over your mean habits of condemnation, backbite and evils here and take the Naam of Allah, Waheguru or Ram in return which may make you free in mind and enrich you profoundly. If you do not reveal anything even after asking and do not beg pardon for your sins then how can you be excused? How kindness will be gained? If you keep your fist closed then how anything can be contained by it? If it is open then anything desired can be kept in it.

All I mean to say is that it will be useless till you play tricks as per your mind and have negative thoughts. So far so that you do not admit your faults, and go on feigning innocence, nothing will be gained. You people display haughtiness to the public, oppress then to be manly. If you are really manly then talk openly and dare to reveal the misdeeds done by your mind. You know about your thoughts fully well. You are aware about the deeds done by you in the past. What types of thoughts are running in your mind? If you admit then everything is there if you do not admit then there is nothing at all. If you spread your cloth then the rainfall of graces falling nonstop will enter in your lap. If the cloth is not spread at all then from where will the kindness-graces come to you?

Shunning tricks and fraud in straight forward manner, humbly-meekly if a man begs pardon for his short comings then the happiness of both the worlds will fill his lap abundantly. The path of spiritualism demands humility-meekness. Haughtiness, pride, ego and pranks do not hold water here. Showing something else while doing something else Ostentation, forgery and vulgar display will remain embedded in your mind harming you and none else. Happiness will elude you. How do you expect happiness back in a day while whole of the life you remain engaged in cheating? It can be possible within a day even provided the Master pleases. It is under his sole authority and his authority cannot be challenged by anyone.

 He is undoubtedly the granter of both the words. If some person is sinner and wants to get himself purified from the past deeds, he should check the number of years of shady past, suppose these are ten years. Then he should do sumrin of Gurumantra for ten months. All his sins will be pardoned. Come to me if he does not get this relief. This is the general deficiency in human beings. This thing has been pointed out in bhajan that one should shun bad habits. There is a misunderstanding in the minds of people that they can understand the intention of saints. While Tulsi Dass Ji has written that,”Jo koi kahe sant ko chinha, Tulsi hathh kaan ko dina” His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim ji says that saints never do anything anti-people.