Humility and Meekness must for Advancement in Spirituality

Elaborating upon the Sat Sang bhajan namely” Nar tan paake yatan nahin kita, yatan nahin kita kiyon vishyan ch jind rodh layi?” respected Guru Ji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that if a human being does not do works worthy of a human being even after gaining human body then animals are better than him, because at least they do the works fit for animals in animal form. The Master has designed human being in such a manner that he can see the vision of the Master even during his stay in this world and obtain his kindness and grace.

Revered Guru Ji further says that man of today is seen ever busy in bad deeds, spinning in the whirlwind of mind and sad, frustrated and distressed. Constant worries go on taking their toll and face remains full of wrinkles of being upset. When laughs it seems that he has bought the laughter from somewhere because so far happiness does not ooze out from within, it never reveals upon the face. If you are really happy then your face will automatically show it up radiantly. Happiness is a rare gift in this period of Kalyuga because if something is in short supply sometimes then its availability seems to be a rare gift. Peace, calm ness and tranquility are meager these days. Spiritual peace and Supreme bliss are in short supply.

Men of today have become very imprudent. They do listen to the talks of Allah, Waheguru or Ram but are zero in case of practice. They are restless because they do not act upon the sermons, because whatever advice is extended by saints-sages to public contains concealed welfare for general public. Those who agree and act over it gain benefit while those who deny it have to lift the loads of their deeds nonstop.  

His Gracious Baba Ram Rahim Ji says further that to recite the Naam of Master is a very tough job. To condemn others and to pick up backbite is a very interesting job for human beings. When busy in backbiting one does not remember the quantum of time passed in this act, but if one has to sit for the sumrin of Allah, Waheguru or Ram then even a period of half an hour seems heavy. Man does not heed the advice of saints-mendicants but suffers loss by indulging in negative talks of ‘Manmukh’ persons and gets his meditation unduly tarnished. Those who do not use their brains and takes up decisions on the basis of others never succeeds.

If one has to take decisions then he should consult good and noble persons for advice. Do not take wrong steps on the advice of notorious persons, because bad company always drowns. The persons of these days locate the deficiencies of others, count their shortcomings. Do such persons never have shortcomings in themselves? Deficiencies are there but it is comparatively easier to point out towards others. Therefore search within you. Check yourself before testing others. Have you never committed sins-evils? If you have done so through your eyes, through your thoughts or through your deeds then why do you single out others? Hence mend yourself unburden yourself of your deficiencies. It is very important.