Top 7 Tips for Farmers to get best out of their lands

Every farmer needs good yield with better quality of their grown crops..!! In fact, if we can just cater to this single need of our Farmers, we have put a stop to farmer suicides altogether. And our villages and rural areas can be role models for the world. This may even help in curbing unemployment in the younger generation. Sensing this as a critical area, Baba Ram Rahim Ji has stepped in to help Farmers through various initiatives as follows:

Annual Kisan Melas:

First and the foremost being “Kisan Melas”. He organises Kisan Melas from time to time to educate farmers about organic farming. Best tips to get more yield and various ways of scientific farming. Through Guruji’s direct contact, Farming is touching heights of progress in the DSS Ashram itself. On the other hand, farmers are learning new lessons all the time.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan Ji is an agriculturist himself and has learned a lot by trying out new methods on his own Farms. As he started to toil on the soil at a very young age, as early as 5 years. He has a vast amount of knowledge, which he has gained through various practical experiments. His holiness promotes scientific farming in farmers & encourages them to adopt organic methods of farming to get more output in return in of less work in fields.

Time to Time Testing of Soil:

This is a major area where our farmers are lacking. Time to time testing of soil for fertility goes a long way in deciding crops and their yield, which can be worked upon, once we know the quality of the soil of a particular area. This has been propagated to Farmers by Guru Ji, and most farmers in the North of India, have benefitted from this tip.

Tips to Make land More Fertile:

Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji provides tips to improve sub-fertile lands and also to practice organic and dry farming. This is especially useful in areas with less water. He has evolved low-cost green techniques to help farmers to improve subfertile lands and also to practice organic and dry farming.

Awareness about Dry Farming:

This technique uses minimal water, to get best produce out of their lands. Dry farming is the best way nowadays to lower the investment cost and to increase the productivity.

Encourages the use of Organic Manure and Stop Chemical Pesticides:

Guru Ji says 80% health is secured by eating organic vegetables, Guru Ji inspires for organic farming it gives more earning. And makes the Nation healthier and wealthier in the long run, by saving on medicines, etc.

Solution to Rising Veggie Prices: 

Guru Ji said that if people start cultivating vegetables in their own homes, rising prices can be controlled. Even if in a small area, 2 seeds of ‘Long Gourd’ are sown it will serve an entire family for several months.

Promoting the use of Modern Scientific Methods for Better Yield:

This may seem obvious but Farmers don’t really go for this, assuming it to be a waste of time and money. But here again, Guru Ji has made sure, Farmers make use of ultra modern high tech means to get better yield out of their farms. And this has made an iota of difference in their annual produce.

What is the Best Way to Raise Children? Here are Top Tips…

In this modern age, parenting has become quite challenging. Everyone is confused as to what is best for kids. Too many choices, are making us out of our brains most of the times. Top that with too many advice givers and half the time this advice are totally opposite of what is a healthy parenting trait. So here we bring you best tips to raise super healthy, confident and productive members of society.

Stop treating your kids as your property

Treat children been given to you to mentor & bring out the best in them

First of all, treat them as future citizens or humans who are here with you on this planet, than just your kids. This will always remind you of the bigger picture that they are here for. Most of the times, parents feel, kids are their personal property and they want to keep their kids off themselves, spoiling them to the core. Listen to every demand they throw. Well take easy on this habit and always keep this in mind, as if you have been given a child to mentor by God, who has to be returned back to God, as perfectly well groomed human being. This is really amazing, view put forth by Baba Ram Rahim.

Never scare them, when you are pushing them to do a task.

As we have seen, in the old school parenting, parents are seen, scaring their kids, for every single activity. Do this or ghost will come, or Do this fast, or a big wolf will come etc. This hinders a child’s ability to fully explore his potential, exhorts Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji.

Always set good examples, yourselves

This has been a very common point in parenting. But how do we accomplish this? Simply by being yourself, or identifying those behaviors which you do not want in your kids, and removing those from yourselves first.

Leave the best wealth for your kids, Values

Teach them good values, at every instance. Honesty, integrity, handwork has no substitute. This they need to know early on, do not let them be okay with compromising on any of these. Reward consistency. Also, connect them to spirituality and meditation to achieve the above traits. Initially, you can reward them to meditate until they form a habit, says Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

So certain traits, mindful living, unconditional love, and acceptance can do wonders for kids. Treat them as friends and never let fear develop in your relationship with your kids. If your kids take you as your best friends, you have done a decent job.